A. C. Flora High School

a c flora.jpg
1 Falcon Drive, Columbia, SC 29204, United States
1300-1398 Falcon Drive Columbia South Carolina 29204 US

Class AAAA     Region 5



Mascot: Falcons
School Colors: Red / Columbia Blue / White
Principal Susan Childs susan.childs@richlandone.org
Athletic Director Dr. Edward Moore edward.moore@richlandone.org
Athletic Secretary
Assistant AD Patti Moore patti.moore@richlandone.org
Baseball Andy Hallett andrew.hallett@richlandone.org
Basketball, Boys Josh Staley joshua.staley@richlandone.org
Basketball, Girls Coral Johnson coral.johnson@richlandone.org
Competitive Cheer Taylor Carroll jordantaylorcarroll@gmail.com
Cross Country, Boys Tom Sunday thomas.sunday@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Girls Tom Sunday thomas.sunday@richlandone.org
Football Collin Drafts collin.drafts@richlandone.org
Golf, Boys Robert Dargan custodialchoice@yahoo.com
Golf, Girls Robert Dargan custodialchoice@yahoo.com
Lacrosse, Boys Mickey Purdy rantruck12@gmail.com
Lacrosse, Girls Kelsey Miller kelsey.miller@richlandone.org
Soccer, Boys David Schroer davidaschroer@gmail.com
Soccer, Girls Dale Bacino dale@technicalsoccer.com
Softball Troy Black troy.black@richlandone.org
Swimming, Boys Kim Gould kimjoygould@gmail.com
Swimming, Girls Kim Gould kimjoygould@gmail.com
Tennis, Boys Amy Martin edwinandamy@bellsouth.net
Tennis, Girls Amy Martin edwinandamy@bellsouth.net
Trainer Ryan Lail ryan.lail@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Boys David Worstall david.worstall@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Girls Coral Johnsons coral.johnson@richlandone.org
Volleyball Laura Wentzky laura.wentzky@richlandone.org
Wrestling Chris Murphy ccmurf@gmail.com
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3319 Millwood Ave, Columbia, SC 29205, United States 2.15 km

Class AAAA     Region 5



Mascot: Blue Devils
School Colors: Royal Blue / White
Principal Jeanne Stiglbauer jeanne.stiglbauer@richlandone.org
Athletic Director Michael DuBard michael.dubard@richlandone.org
Athletic Secretary
Assistant AD
Baseball Thane Maness thane.maness@richlandone.org
Basketball, Boys Steve Moore steven.moore@richlandone.org
Basketball, Girls Teresa Jones teresa.jones@richlandone.org
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys timothy Supplee timothy.supplee@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Girls Jeri Katherine Sipes jerikatherine@gmail.com
Football Treigh Sullivan ammon.sullivan@richlandone.org
Golf, Boys Jamie McCutcheon jamie.mccutcheon@richlandone.org
Golf, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys Jamie McClendon jamie.mcclendon@richlandone.org
Soccer, Girls David Kleinfelder david.kleinfelder@richlandone.org
Softball Craig Nesbitt craig62@yahoo.com
Swimming, Boys Kelly Veeder
Swimming, Girls Kelly Veeder
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls David Kleinfelder david.kleinfelder@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Boys Steve Moore steve.moore@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Girls Damien Jackson damien.jackson@richlandone.org
Volleyball Rebekah Garbett rgarbett0725@gmail.com
Wrestling Jason Sandifer jason.sandifer@richlandone.org


c a johnson.jpg
2219 Barhamville Road, Columbia, SC 29204, United States 3.27 km

Class AA      Region 3



Mascot: Green Hornets
School Colors: Kelly Green / Gold
Principal Veronica Scott veronica.scott@richlandone.org
Athletic Director Eric Scriven  eric.scriven@richlandone.org
Athletic Secretary
Assistant AD
Baseball Brian Baumgardner brian.baumgardner@richlandone.org
Basketball, Boys Vince Lowry vince.lowry@richlandone.org
Basketball, Girls Marlon M. Smith marlon.smith@richlandone.org
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys Vince Lowry vince.lowry@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Girls Marlon Smith marlon.smith@richlandone.org
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys
Soccer, Girls
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Track/Field, Boys
Track/Field, Girls Sade Pugh spugh@scvrd.state.sc.us
Volleyball Sade Pugh spugh@scvrd.state.sc.us
Wrestling Trevon Fordham coachtfordham@yahoo.com
316 South Beltline Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29205, United States 3.3 km

Class A     Region 5



Mascot: Bulldogs    
School Colors: Royal Blue / Columbia Blue / White    
Principal Dr. Tiniece Javis   tiniece.javis2@richlandone.org
Athletic Director Daniel Brooks   daniel.brooks2@richlandone.org
Athletic Secretary Wykeisha Lewis   wykeisha.lewis2@richlandone.org
Assistant AD      
Basketball, Boys      
Basketball, Girls      
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Daniel Brooks   daniel.brooks2@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Girls Daniel Brooks   daniel.brooks2@richlandone.org
Golf, Boys      
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys      
Soccer, Girls      
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Track/Field, Boys Daniel Brooks   daniel.brooks2@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Girls Daniel Brooks   daniel.brooks2@richlandone.org
RNE 2.jpg
7500 Brookfield Road, Columbia, SC, United States 6.13 km

Class AAAA  Region 3




Mascot: Cavaliers    
School Colors: Blue / Orange    
Principal Dr. Sabrina Suber   ssuber@richland2.org
Athletic Director Gary Fulmer   gfulmer@richland2.org
Athletic Secretary Tamika Jones   tamjones@richland2.org
Assistant AD      
Baseball Lucas Hummers   lhummers@richland2.org
Basketball, Boys Lucas Hargrove    
Basketball, Girls Jabari Deas   jdeas@richland2.org
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Bradley Ross    
Cross Country, Girls Nina Brook    
Football Bennett Weigle    
Golf, Boys      
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Jay A’Hern   meansahern@yahoo.com
Soccer, Girls John Mills   jmills@richland2.org
Softball Bruce Dingler   bdingler@richland2.org
Swimming, Boys Pinckney Adams   padams@richland2.org
Swimming, Girls Pinckney Adams   padams@richland2.org
Tennis, Boys Scott Harling   1sharling@sc.rr.com
Tennis, Girls Scott Harling   1sharling@sc.rr.com
Trainer Nicole Barton   nbarton@richland2.org
Track/Field, Boys Lawrence Terry   lterry@richland2.org
Track/Field, Girls Faraign Smith   fasmith@richland2.org
Volleyball Keredith James   kejames@richland2.org
Wrestling Matt Horton   chorton@richland2.org
4800 Monticello Road, Columbia, SC 29203, United States 6.36 km

Class AA    Region 3



Mascot: Shamrocks    
School Colors: Green / White / Orange    
Principal Neshunda Walters   neshunda.walters@richlandone.org
Athletic Director Jamil Canada   jamil.canada@richlandone.org
Athletic Secretary Kathy Brown   kathy.brown@richlandone.org
Assistant AD Deon Jackson   deon.jackson@richlandone.org
Baseball Craig Meyers   craig.meyers@richlandone.org
Basketball, Boys Herbert Hunter   herbert.hunter@richlandone.org
Basketball, Girls Linda Segars   linda.segars@richlandone.org
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Herbert Hunter   herbert.hunter@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Girls Linda Segars   linda.segars@richlandone.org
Football Jermaine Derricott   jermaine.derricott@richlandone.org
Golf, Boys      
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Morondo Lewis   morondo.lewis@richlandone.org
Soccer, Girls John Castellano   castellanocol@aol.com
Softball Belton Goodwin   belton.goodwin@richlandone.org
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys Joe McEachern   joemceachern@aol.com
Tennis, Girls Frances Dixon   frances.dixon@richlandone.org
Trainer Lauren Tyler   lauren.tyler@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Boys Gordon English   gordon.english@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Girls Linda Segars   linda.segars@richlandone.org
Volleyball Demetris Murray   demetris.murray@richlandone.org
Wrestling Tyler Meschwitz   tyler.meschwitz@richlandone.org`
1300 State Street, Cayce, SC 29033, United States 7.79 km

Class AAA      Region 5


Mascot: Bearcat
School Colors: Black / Maroon
Head Coach Name Email
Principal Gregg Morton gmorton@lex2.org
Athletic Director Rusty Charpia rcharpia@lex2.org
Athletic Secretary Quinette Jones qjones@lex2.org
Assistant AD Robert Wells rwells@lex2.org
Baseball Rusty Charpia rcharpia@lex2.org
Basketball, Boys Robert Wells rwells@lex2.org
Basketball, Girls LaBron Brown ldarnellbrown@yahoo.com
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys Brooke Ebener bebener@lex2.org
Cross Country, Girls Brooke Ebener bebener@lex2.org
Football Rusty Charpia rcharpia@lex2.org
Golf, Boys Aaron Acord aacord@lex2.org
Golf, Girls Michelle Grieswell mgrieswell@lex2.org
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys
Soccer, Girls
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys Christopher Simpson csimpson@lex2.org
Tennis, Girls Christopher Simpson csimpson@lex2.org
Track/Field, Boys Reed Charpia rcharpiajr@bellsouth.net
Track/Field, Girls Reed Charpia rcharpiajr@bellsouth.net
Volleyball Courtney Pollock cpollock@lex2.org
Wrestling Craig Watts wattscraig50@gmail.com
361 Pisgah Church Road, Columbia, SC 29203, United States 9.11 km

Class AA      Region 4



Mascot: Raiders    
School Colors: Blue / Gold    
Principal Vondre Whaley   vondre.whaley@richlandone.org
Athletic Director Dameon Franklin   dameon.franklin@richlandone.org
Athletic Secretary      
Assistant AD Tyrell Manning   tyrel.manning@richlandone.org
Baseball Hernando Harris   hhpetro48@gmail.com
Basketball, Boys Zach Norris   zachary.norris@richlandone.org
Basketball, Girls Reggie Mclain   reggie.mclain@richlandone.org
Competitive Cheer Faith Wheeler   faith.thompson-wheel@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Boys Zach Norris   zachary.norris@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Girls Kyle Green   mr.kg803@gmail.com
Football Sean Gilley   sean.gilley@richlandone.org
Golf, Boys Clint Davis   davisca@scdot.org
Golf, Girls Clint Davis   davisca@scdot.org
Soccer, Boys Pablo Rivera   pablo.riveraarriaga@richlandone.org
Soccer, Girls      
Softball Reginald Laroche   reginald.laroche@richlandone.org
Swimming, Boys Stanley Mcntosh   smcintosh@greenviewdolphins.com
Swimming, Girls Stanley McIntosh   smcintosh@greenviewdolphins.com
Tennis, Boys Jennifer Brannon   jjbranno@gmail.com
Tennis, Girls Jennifer Brannon   jjbranno@gmail.com
Trainer John Dickinson   jdickinson@drayerpt.com
Track/Field, Boys Charles Proctor   charles.proctor@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Girls Charles Proctor   charles.proctor@richlandone.org
Volleyball Anita Mobley   anita.hingleton-mobl@richlandone.org
Wrestling Kenneth Riley   kriley3426@yahoo.com


1701 Westchester Drive, Columbia, SC 29210, United States 10.51 km

Class AAA     Region 4



Mascot: Capitals    
School Colors: Maroon / Gold    
Principal Shenequa Coles   Shenequa.coles@richlandone.org
Athletic Director Paul Calvert   Paul.calvert@richlandone.org
Athletic Secretary      
Assistant AD      
Baseball Aaron Trapp   Aaron.Trapp@richlandone.org
Basketball, Boys Thomas Newman   Thomas.newman@richlandone.org
Basketball, Girls Bobby Young   BobbyRay.Young@richlandone.org
Competitive Cheer Stephanie Gold   Stephanie.Gold@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Boys Lucas Snyder   Lucas.Snyder@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Girls Edward Carfolite   Edward.Carfolite@richlandone.org
Football Jason Bush   Jason.Bush@richlandone.org
Golf, Boys      
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Pierre Fome’   Pierre.fome@richlandone.org
Soccer, Girls Lucas Snyder   Lucas.Snyder@richlandone.org
Softball Michelle Tanguay   Michelle.tanguay2@richlandone.org
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys Willie Ashford   Willie.Ashford@richlandone.org
Tennis, Girls Willie Ashford   Willie.Ashford@richlandone.org
Trainer Brianne Gomez   Brianne.Gomez@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Boys Mark Bagwell   Stephan.Bagwell@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Girls Calvin Harrison   Calvin.Harrison@richlandone.org
Volleyball Sabrina Johnson   Sabrina.Johnson@richlandone.org
Wrestling Joseph Lovier   Joseph.Lovier@richlandone.org


lower richland.jpg
2615 Lower Richland Boulevard, Hopkins, SC 29061, United States 12.98 km

Class AAAA      Region 5



Mascot: Diamond Hornets
School Colors: Black & Gold
Principal Ericka Hursey Ericka.Hursey@richlandone.org
Athletic Director Debbie Wardlaw deborah.wardlaw@richlandone.org
Athletic Secretary
Assistant AD Rodney Barr rodney.barr@richlandone.org
Baseball Terrance Smalls taresmall7@yahoo.com
Basketball, Boys Caleb Gaither brandon.gaither@richlandone.org
Basketball, Girls Keturah Jackson keturah.jackson@richlandone.org
Competitive Cheer Liz Still isabel.still@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Boys Caleb Gaither brandon.gaither@richlandone.org
Cross Country, Girls Andrea Hallmon-Lucas andrea.hallmonlucas@richlandone.org
Football Rodney Barr rodney.barr@richlandone.org
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys Gareth Taylor gareth.taylor@richlandone.org
Soccer, Girls Tymere Zimmermon tymere.zimmerman@richlandone.org
Softball Whitney Brown whitney.brown@richlandone.org
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys Tyesha Deas tyesha.deas@richlandone.org
Tennis, Girls Lisa Diaz lisa.diaz@richlandone.org
Trainer Tim Bailey timothy.bailey@palmettohealth.org
Track/Field, Boys Michael Steward michael.steward@richlandone.org
Track/Field, Girls Andrea Hallmon-Lucas andrea.hallmonlucas@richlandone.org
Volleyball Kimmy Kwok kimmy.kwok@richlandone.org
Wrestling Brent Floyd brent.floyd@richlandone.org


spring valley.jpg
120 Sparkleberry Lane, Columbia, SC 29229, United States 14.02 km

Class AAAAA     Region 5



Mascot: Vikings    
School Colors: Green / Gold    
Principal Jeff Temoney   jtemoney@richland2.org
Athletic Director Tim Hunter   thunter@richland2.org
Athletic Secretary Teresa Legette   tlegette@richland2.org
Assistant AD      
Baseball Collin Liggett   cliggett@richland2.org
Basketball, Boys Perry Dozier   pdozier@richland2.org
Basketball, Girls Megan Assey   massey@richland2.org
Competitive Cheer Cori Echols   crechols@yahoo.com
Cross Country, Boys John Jones   johjones@richland2.org
Cross Country, Girls Rachel Lindman   rlindman@richalnd2.org
Football Robin Bacon   rbacon@richland2.org
Golf, Boys Joe Beaman   coachjoegolf@gmail.com
Golf, Girls Natalie Huff   nhuff@richland2.org
Lacrosse, Boys Adam Woodley   awoodley@richland2.org
Lacrosse, Girls Sarah Stock   Sestock14@gmail.com
Soccer, Boys Dave Clark   aclark@richland2.org
Soccer, Girls Steve Lea   slea@richland2.org
Softball Maureen McKelvey   mmckelvey@richland2.org
Swimming, Boys Michele Davis   micdavis@richland2.org
Swimming, Girls Michele Davis   micdavis@richland2.org
Tennis, Boys Weslynn Hutto   whutto@richland2.org
Tennis, Girls Weslynn Hutto   whutto@richland2.org
Trainer Julie Sandy   jsandy@richland2.org
Track/Field, Boys John Jones   johjones@richland2.org
Track/Field, Girls Kanisa Williams   kanwilliams@richland2.org
Volleyball Angela Gregory   angregory@richland2.org
Wrestling Cody Garnett   cgarnett@richland2.org


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