A. R. Rucker Middle School

422 Old Dixie Rd, Lancaster, SC, USA
422 State Road S-29-70 Lancaster South Carolina 29720 US
Mascot: Rams
School Colors: Navy / White / Carolina Blue


Principal Anita Watts anita.watts@lcsdmail.net
Athletic Director Shawna Winters

Lamont Elder



Basketball, Boys Lamont Elder lamont.elder@lcsdmail.net
Basketball, Girls Sammie Lathan
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys
Cross Country, Girls
Football Nathan Kmieciak nathan.kmieciak@lcsdmail.net
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys
Soccer, Girls
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Track/Field, Boys
Track/Field, Girls
Volleyball Shawna Winters shawna.winters@lcsdmail.net


lacanster 2.jpg
617 Normandy Road, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States 3.82 km

Class AAAA     Region 3



Mascot: Bruins
School Colors: Navy Blue / Athletic Gold


Principal Rosalyn Mood rosalyn.mood@lcsdmail.net
Athletic Director Karl Fritz karl.fritz@lcsdmail.net
Athletic Secretary Kristen Rollings kristen.rollings@lcsdmail.net
Assistant AD
Baseball Trevor Hammond trevor.hammond@lcsdmail.net
Basketball, Boys Jerron Cauthen Jerron.cauthen@lcsdmail.net
Basketball, Girls Ronnie Robinson ronnie.robinson@lcsdmail.net
Competitive Cheer  
Cross Country, Boys Josh Pauling josh.pauling@lcsdmail.net
Cross Country, Girls Josh Pauling josh.pauling@lcsdmail.net
Football Marcus Surratt marcus.surratt@lcsdmail.net
Golf, Boys Joe Adams 41jadams@gmail.com
Golf, Girls  
Lacrosse, Boys  
Lacrosse, Girls  
Soccer, Boys Joseph Morris joseph.morris@lcsdmail.net
Soccer, Girls Sal Estrada salvador.estrada@lcsdmail.net
Softball Erin Walker erin.walker@lcsdmail.net
Swimming, Boys Jordan Coats jordan.coats@lcsdmail.net
Swimming, Girls Jordan Coats jordan.coats@lcsdmail.net
Tennis, Boys Ray Sapp rhsapp332@gmail.com
Tennis, Girls Ray Sapp rhsapp332@gmail.com
Trainer Sara Rodman sara.rodman@lcsdmail.net
Track/Field, Boys  Marion Stephens   marion.stephens@lcsdmail.net
Track/Field, Girls Saundra Meadows saundra.meadows@lcsdmail.net
Volleyball Betsi O’Shields betsi.o’sheilds@lcsdmail.net
Wrestling Russell Brown russell.brown@lcsdmail.net
4290 Tabernacle Road, Lancaster, SC 29720, United States 10.97 km

Class AA      Region 4



Mascot: Yellow Jacket
School Colors: Maroon / Vegas Gold
Principal Michael Belk   michael.belk@lcsdmail.net
Athletic Director Michael (Eric) Funderburk   michael.funderburk@lcsdmail.net
Athletic Secretary Earline Bowers   earline.bowers@lcsdmail.net
Assistant AD Bob Bowen   bob.bowen@lcsdmail.net
Baseball Hank Harris    
Basketball, Boys Steve Sellers    
Basketball, Girls Susan Scott   susan.scott@lcsdmail.net
Competitive Cheer Brook Self   brook.self@lcsdmail.net
Cross Country, Boys Holly Craig   holly.craig@lcsdmail.net
Cross Country, Girls Holley Craig   holly.craig@lcsdmail.net
Football Tripp Watts    
Golf, Boys TBA    
Golf, Girls Natalie Korda   natalie.korda@lcsdmail.nety
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys John David Bundy   john.bundy@lcsdmail.net
Soccer, Girls Bob Bowen   bob.bowen@lcsdmail.ney
Softball Lael Allen   lael.allen@lcsdmail.net
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Trainer Dr. Kristina Medinger   kristina.medinger@lcsdmail.net
Track/Field, Boys Jareth Bailey   jareth.bailey@lcsdmail.net
Track/Field, Girls Jareth Bailey   jareth .bailey@lcsdmail.net
Volleyball Taylor Roberts   taylor.roberts@lcsdmail.net
Wrestling Garrett Plyler   gplyler@ed.sc.gov


andrew jackson.jpg
6925 Kershaw Camden Highway, Kershaw, SC 29067, United States 20.02 km

Class AA      Region 4



Mascot: Volunteers
School Colors: Orange / White


Principal Shuntay Miller   shuntay.miller@lcsdmail.net
Athletic Director Jimbo Barton   jim.barton@lcsdmail.net
Athletic Secretary Cathie Pardue   cathie.pardue@lcsdmail.net
Assistant AD      
Baseball Mike Lucas   lucasgroup@comporium.net
Basketball, Boys Danny Wright   danny.wright@lcsdmail.net
Basketball, Girls Laura Beth Taylor   lauraN.taylor@lcsdmail.net
Competitive Cheer Tonya Rape   tonya.rape@lcsdmail.net
Cross Country, Boys Marc Truesdale   marc.truesdale@lcsdmail.net
Cross Country, Girls Stephanie Truesdale   Stephanie.truesdale@lcsdmail.net
Football Todd Shigley   todd.shigley@lcsdmail.net
Golf, Boys Tyler Bradley   tyler.bradley@lcsdmail.net
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Will Brice   will@perceptionbuilders.com
Soccer, Girls Lee Hanna   lee.hanna@lcsdmail.net
Softball Wesley Kidd   wesley.kidd@lcsdmail.net
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Track/Field, Boys LaCorey McIlwain   lacorey.mcilwain@lcsdmail.net
Track/Field, Girls TBD    
Volleyball John Verdugo   john.verdugo@lcsdmail.net
Wrestling Jarred Maltby   jarred.maltby@lcsdmail.net
great falls.jpg
411 Sunset Avenue, Great Falls, SC 29055, United States 22.79 km

Class A     Region 2


Mascot: Red Devils
School Colors: Black and Red


Principal Jamal Sanders RSanders@chester.k12.sc.us
Athletic Director Garrett Knight GKnight@chester.k12.sc.us
Athletic Secretary LaToya Graham LGraham@chester.k12.sc.us
Assistant AD Josh Heffner JHeffner@chester.k12.sc.us
Baseball Josh Heffner JHeffner@chester.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Boys Alex Fair AFair@chester.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Girls Randy Worthy RWorthy@chester.k12.sc.us
Competitive Cheer N/A N/A
Cross Country, Boys John Corral JCorral@chester.k12.sc.us
Cross Country, Girls John Corral JCorral@chester.k12.sc.us
Football Tom Butler WButler@chester.k12.sc.us
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls N/A N/A
Lacrosse, Boys N/A N/A
Lacrosse, Girls N/A N/A
Soccer, Boys N/A N/A
Soccer, Girls N/A N/A
Softball Martha Hayes MHayes@chester.k12.sc.us
Swimming, Boys N/A N/A
Swimming, Girls N/A N/A
Tennis, Boys N/A N/A
Tennis, Girls N/A N/A
Trainer Jason Nussbaum JNussbaum@chester.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Boys Scotty Steen SSteen@chester.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Girls Kim Gray KGray@chester.k12.sc.us
Volleyball N/A N/A
Wrestling N/A N/A
3971 Lewisville High Road Richburg 29720 24.24 km

Class AA     Region 4



Mascot: Lions
School Colors: Royal / Gold / White


Principal Tammy Snipes tsnipes@chester.k12.sc.us
Athletic Director Rusty Pemberton rpemberton@chester.k12.sc.us
Athletic Secretary N/A
Assistant AD N/A
Baseball Blake Barron bbarron@chester.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Boys Mike McCray Mccramj1@gmail.com
Basketball, Girls Tearia McCrorey teariamccrorey@gmail.com
Competitive Cheer Whitney Eubanks weubanks@chester.k12.sc.us
Cross Country, Boys Jamie Salters jsalters@chester.k12.sc.us
Cross Country, Girls DeWayne Strong Dewayne.strong@yahoo.com
Football Will Mitchell jmitchell@chester.k12.sc.us
Golf, Boys Kirk Cannon kcannon@chester.k12.sc.us
Golf, Girls N/A
Lacrosse, Boys N/A
Lacrosse, Girls N/A
Soccer, Boys Jeremy Bagwell bagwelljeremy99@gmail.com
Soccer, Girls Rick White Wrick1313@gmail.com
Softball Jerry Thomas Jerry.thomas.g6wx@statefarm.com
Swimming, Boys N/A
Swimming, Girls N/A
Tennis, Boys N/A
Tennis, Girls N/A
Trainer Autumn Jordan ajordan2@chester.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Boys Will Mitchell jmitchell@chester.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Girls Will Mitchell jmitchell@chester.k12.sc.us
Volleyball Josh Renaud jrenaud@chester.k12.sc.us
Wrestling N/A
indian land.jpg
8063 River Road, Fort Mill, SC 29707, United States 27.91 km

Class AAA     Region 4

Mascot: Warriors
School Colors: Blue / Vegas Gold
Principal David Shamble david.shamble@lcsdmail.net
Athletic Director Vernon Hunter vernon.hunter@lcsdmail.net
Athletic Secretary Denise Knight denise.knight@lcsdmail.net
Assistant AD
Baseball Joey Robinson joseph.robinson@lcsdmail.net
Basketball, Boys Nate Smith nate.smith@lcsdmail.net
Basketball, Girls Paul Richardson paul.richardson@lcsdmail.net
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys Chris Cuviello chris.cuviello@lcsdmail.net
Cross Country, Girls Chris Cuviello chris.cuviello@lcsdmail.net
Football Horatio Blades horatio.blades@lcsdmail.net
Golf, Boys Dennis Bivins dennis.bivins@lcsdmail.net
Golf, Girls Dennis Bivins dennis.bivins@lcsdmail.net
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys Adam Cole adam.cole@lcsdmail.net
Soccer, Girls Greg Boney greg.boney@lcsdmail.net
Softball Monica Barfield monica.barfield@lcsdmail.net
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys Meg Morris margret.morris@lcsdmail.net
Tennis, Girls Meg Morris margret.morris@lcsdmail.net
Trainer Michelle Settle
Track/Field, Boys Chris Cuviello chris.cuviello@lcsdmail.net
Track/Field, Girls Beth Griffin beth.griffin@lcsdmail.net
Volleyball Mike Van Lieu  vanlieum@aol.com‎
Wrestling Leon Boulware leon.boulware@lcsdmail.net
5750 Mt. Gallant Road Rock Hill SC 29732 29.9 km



Mascot: Lions    
School Colors: Blue, Black, White  


Principal Robert Compton   rcompton@riverwalkacademy.com
Athletic Director Mark Wilson   mwilson@riverwalkacademy.com
Athletic Secretary Katie Robinson   krobinson@riverwalkacademy.com
Assistant AD      
Basketball, Boys      
Basketball, Girls      
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Mark Wilson   mwilson@riverwalkacademy.com
Cross Country, Girls Tessa Wilson   twilson@riverwalkacademy.com
Golf, Boys Dan Ogburn   dogburn@riverwalkacademy.com
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys      
Soccer, Girls      
Swimming, Boys Nicole Girard   ngirard@riverwalkacademy.com
Swimming, Girls Nicole Girard   ngirard@riverwalkacademy.com
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Track/Field, Boys Mark Wilson   mwilson@riverwalkacademy.com
Track/Field, Girls Brooke Foster   bfoster@riverwalkacademy.com
rock hill 2.png
320 West Springdale Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730, United States 30.2 km

Class AAAAA     Region 3



Mascot: Bearcat
School Colors: Garnet / Black / Gold


Principal Ozzie Ahl oahl@rhmail.org
Athletic Director Bill Warren wwarren@rhmail.org
Athletic Secretary Aimee Kline akline@rhmail.org
Assistant AD Eric Rollings erolling@rhmail.org
Baseball Dell Corley lcorley@rhmail.org
Basketball, Boys Doug Pearson drpearson@rhmail.org
Basketball, Girls Kenny Orr korr@rhmail.org
Competitive Cheer Brandi Dabney Bdabney.riverwalk@gmail.com
Cross Country, Boys Roma Stutts rstutts@rhmail.org
Cross Country, Girls Roma Stutts rstutts@rhmail.org
Football David Pittman dpittman@rhmail.org
Golf, Boys Matt Bell mbell@rhmail.org
Golf, Girls Gary Brannan gbrannan@rhmail.org
Lacrosse, Boys n/a
Lacrosse, Girls n/a
Soccer, Boys Cesar Robles crobles@rhmail.org
Soccer, Girls Ashley Sawyer asawyer@rhmail.org
Softball Tim Therrell ttherrell@comporium.net
Swimming, Boys Charlotte Taylor ataylor@rhmail.org
Swimming, Girls Charlotte Taylor ataylor@rhmail.org
Tennis, Boys Charlie McDow charliemcdow@comporium.net
Tennis, Girls Scott Neely wneely@rhmail.org
Trainer Dana Jacobs djacobs@rhmail.org
Track/Field, Boys Chris Price cprice@rhmail.org
Track/Field, Girls Chris Price cprice@rhmail.org
Volleyball Cindy Elder celder@rhmail.org
Wrestling Cain Beard tbeard@rhmail.org
new heights.JPG
5738 SC-151, Jefferson, SC 29718, USA 31.66 km
Principal Nikki Miller nbmiller@chesterfieldschools.org
Athletic Director Reginald Dye rdye@chesterfieldschools.org
Baseball Tim Sullivan tjaysullivan@hotmail.com
Basketball, Boys Billy Blakeney blakeneybilly@gmail.com
Basketball, Girls Shanethia Hamilton shamilton@chesterfieldschools.org
Cheerleading Bredae Baker bbaker@chesterfieldschools.org
Cross Country, Boys
Cross Country, Girls
Football Billy Blakeney blakeneybilly@gmail.com
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys Julian Harriott jharriott@chesterfieldschools.org
Soccer, Girls Julian Harriott jharriott@chesterfieldschools.org
Softball Whitley Airington wairington@chesterfieldschools.org
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Track/Field, Boys
Track/Field, Girls

Nicole Johnson



505 University Drive Rock Hill, SC 29730 33.26 km



School Colors:
Principal T K Kennedy tkennedy@legionca.org
Athletic Director Strait Herron sherron@legionca.org
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