Belton-Honea Path High School

11000 Belton Honea Path Highway, Honea Path, SC 29654, United States
11000 Belton Honea Path Highway Honea Path South Carolina 29654 US

Class AAAA     Region 1



Mascot: Bears    
School Colors: Navy/Red/White  


Principal Mary Boarts
Athletic Director Russell Blackston
Athletic Secretary Kelly Bell
Assistant AD Chris Strickland

Jody LeCroy

Baseball Steve Williams
Basketball, Boys Russ Tysl
Basketball, Girls Eric Vallecillo
Competitive Cheer Stephanie Cooley-Hughes
Cross Country, Boys Caleb Stephenson
Cross Country, Girls Sam Patterson
Football Russell Blackston
Golf, Boys      
Golf, Girls Lori Florence
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Craig Joyner
Soccer, Girls Sara DiLella
Softball Tessa Gambrell
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys Andrew Reeves
Tennis, Girls Craig Joyner
Trainer Jennifer Smith
Track/Field, Boys Caleb Stephenson
Track/Field, Girls Jennifer Dulin
Volleyball Alix Corley
Wrestling Chris Strickland


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1010 Wren School Rd, Piedmont, SC, USA 29.07 km
Mascot: Hurricanes
School Colors: Blue and Gold


Principal Jon Shoffstall
Athletic Director Jimmy Brown
Basketball, Boys Thomas Duval
Basketball, Girls Jeri Carter
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys      
Cross Country, Girls      
Football Devin Hickerson
Golf, Boys      
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys      
Soccer, Girls      
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Track/Field, Boys      
Track/Field, Girls      
Volleyball Vacant    
1830 West Georgia Road, Simpsonville, SC 29681, United States 29.16 km

Class AA      Region 2



Mascot: Bengals
School Colors: Hunter Green, Black, White


Principal Mike Sinclair
Athletic Director Gordon Stallard
Athletic Secretary Kristie Crosby
Assistant AD Jordan Lanier
Baseball Nick Pintz
Basketball, Boys Gordon Stallard
Basketball, Girls Michael Cade
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Jeff VanOsdol
Cross Country, Girls Jeff VanOsdol
Golf, Boys Joel Perry
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Jaedon Williamson
Soccer, Girls Jack Massengill
Softball Gordon Stallard
Swimming, Boys Amber McBride
Swimming, Girls Amber McBride
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Trainer Kurt Wagner
Track/Field, Boys      
Track/Field, Girls      
Volleyball TBD   tbd
3665 South Industrial Drive, Simpsonville, SC 29681, United States 32.32 km

Class AAAAA     Region 2



Mascot: Rams
School Colors: Red / Black / White


Principal Dr. G. Bryan Skipper
Athletic Director Tommy Bell
Athletic Secretary Cindy Clemmer
Assistant AD Murray Long
Baseball Dale Nelson
Basketball, Boys Murray Long
Basketball, Girls Eric Thompson
Competitive Cheer Danette McClinton
Cross Country, Boys Alaric Gwynn
Cross Country, Girls Alaric Gwynn
Football Anthony Frate
Golf, Boys Tommy Bell
Golf, Girls Chris Clark
Lacrosse, Boys Adam Messel
Lacrosse, Girls Amber Garrett
Soccer, Boys Michael Burton
Soccer, Girls Kevin Law
Softball Kristen Brust
Swimming, Boys Tammi Crabtree
Swimming, Girls Tammi Crabtree
Tennis, Boys Daniel Thompson
Tennis, Girls Daniel Thompson
Trainer Annie Hernandez
Track/Field, Boys Adrique Heyward
Track/Field, Girls Adrique Heyward
Volleyball Mindy Salley
Wrestling Robert Bell
701 Washington Street, Abbeville, SC 29620, United States 32.8 km

Class AA     Region 1



Mascot: Panthers
School Colors: Garnet / Gold


Principal Dr. Adam Lanford
Athletic Director Scott White
Athletic Secretary      
Assistant AD      
Baseball Nick Milford
Basketball, Boys Doug Belcher
Basketball, Girls Darrell Crawford
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Chris Guire
Cross Country, Girls Chris Guire
Football Jamie Nickles
Golf, Boys Shane Cox
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Chris Guire
Soccer, Girls Frank Smith
Softball Tim Collins
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls Vacant
Track/Field, Boys Vacant
Track/Field, Girls Rebecca Holland
Volleyball Ann Marie New    
Wrestling Bill Glace


710 Cross Anchor Hwy. Woodruff SC 29388 33.73 km

Class AAA     Region 3



Mascot: Wolverines
School Colors: Maroon / Gold


Principal Dr. Aaron Fulmer
Athletic Director Mike Morris
Athletic Secretary Sue Taylor
Assistant AD Eddie Brooks-Winter
  Jon Jansen-Spring
Baseball Grant Ramsey
Basketball, Boys Bryan McConnell
Basketball, Girls Jon Jansen
Competitive Cheer Haley Rogers
Cross Country, Boys Ty Skinner
Cross Country, Girls Ty Skinner
Football Bradley Adams
Golf, Boys Bill Brasington
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Joe Federspiel
Soccer, Girls Paige Roper
Softball Will Lanford
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys Lea Ann Skinner
Tennis, Girls Lea Ann Skinner
Trainer Jason Currin
  Jennifer Burt
Track/Field, Boys Duane Thompson
Track/Field, Girls Duane Thompson
Volleyball Heather Abrams
Wrestling John Harper
7324 Highway 187, Anderson, SC, United States 34.74 km

Class AAA     Region 1



Mascot: Bulldog
School Colors: Black / Gold



Principal Brian Couch  
Athletic Director Yon Radford  
Athletic Secretary Robin Leopard  
Assistant AD Grayson Howell  
Baseball Kevin Durham  
Basketball, Boys        
Basketball, Girls Tim Wood  
Competitive Cheer No Team      
Cross Country, Boys Warren Wheeler  
Cross Country, Girls Pam Wheeler  
Football Yon Radford  
Golf, Boys Steve Barfoot  
Golf, Girls Chrissie Spidell  
Lacrosse, Boys No Team      
Lacrosse, Girls No Team      
Soccer, Boys Bryan Horton  
Soccer, Girls Megan Middleton  
Softball Brittany Reynolds  
Swimming, Boys No Team      
Swimming, Girls No Team      
Tennis, Boys No Team      
Tennis, Girls No Team      
Trainer Tom Kemmerle  
Track/Field, Boys Kent Creamer  
Track/Field, Girls Calvin Moses  
Volleyball Diane Raabe  
Wrestling Jordan Denmark  


5058 U.S. 76, Laurens, SC 29360, United States 34.81 km

Class AAAAA    Region 1



Mascot: Raider
School Colors: Dark Green / Gold


Principal Tina Faulkner
Athletic Director Tommy Spires
Athletic Secretary Ashley Hall
Assistant AD      
Baseball Ketorius Patterson
Basketball, Boys Ryan Walker
Basketball, Girls Yoneko Allen
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Thomas Moore
Cross Country, Girls Thomas Moore
Football Chris Liner
Golf, Boys Jim Iacuone
Golf, Girls Jim Iacuone
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys TBA    
Soccer, Girls Christina Earley
Softball Michaela Smith
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys TBA    
Tennis, Girls Susan Youmans    
Trainer Meredith Cavagrotti,

Rebecca Timmins,
Track/Field, Boys      
Track/Field, Girls      
Volleyball Erin Fleming
Wrestling Robert Sheffield
6630 Frontage at white horse, greenville, sc 29681 35.73 km

Class AAA     Region 2



Mascot: Tigers
School Colors: Orange / Black / White


Principal Andre Dukes
Athletic Director Thomas Fredrickson
Athletic Secretary Christie Seear
Assistant AD Toney Mealing               Heather Perry
Baseball Keith Bishop
Basketball, Boys Greg Scott
Basketball, Girls Milton Parks
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Jonathan Smith
Cross Country, Girls Jonathan Smith
Football Jeremy West
Golf, Boys Luis Kuronya
Golf, Girls Luis Kuronya
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Thomas Fredrickson
Soccer, Girls Mary Weaver
Softball Andrew Rice
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys Terry Rookard
Tennis, Girls Terry Rookard
Trainer Alex Vinson
Track/Field, Boys Jonathan Smith
Track/Field, Girls Jonathan Smith
Volleyball Heather Perry
Wrestling Andrew Rice


145 Hood Road, Greenville, SC 29611, United States 36.52 km

Class AAA     Region 2



Mascot:    Patriots
School Colors: Navy Blue / Red / Silver
Principal Dr. Chris Ferguson
Athletic Director Robert Mustar
Athletic Secretary Susan Callaham
Assistant AD Sean McNinney
Baseball Wade Padgett
Basketball, Boys Chase Garner
Basketball, Girls Deidra Langston
Competitive Cheer Shannon McCombs
Cross Country, Boys Libby Holliday
Cross Country, Girls Libby Holliday
Football Robert Mustar
Golf, Boys Tracy Epps
Golf, Girls Pam Prescott
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys Charlie Pike
Soccer, Girls Colin Melton
Softball Ricky Carter
Swimming, Boys Virginia Jordan
Swimming, Girls Virginia Jordan
Tennis, Boys Lisa Troup
Tennis, Girls Lisa Troup
Trainer Maddison English
Track/Field, Boys John Paul Humphries
Track/Field, Girls Ryan Norton
Volleyball Brooke Passini
Wrestling Sean Mascaro



1816 Cokesbury Road, Greenwood, SC 29649, United States 36.66 km

Class AAAAA Region 1



Mascot: Eagles
School Colors: Gold / Black / White
Principal Chad Evans
Athletic Director Michael “Sparky” Hudson
Athletic Secretary Kendra Hicks
Assistant AD
Baseball Matt Baker
Basketball, Boys Kelcey Stevens
Basketball, Girls Gerald Gates
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys Robin Templeton
Cross Country, Girls Robin Templeton
Football Chris Liner
Golf, Boys Chip Whitt
Golf, Girls Kayla Beale
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys Daniel Sorrow
Soccer, Girls Katelyn Miller
Softball Gerald Gates
Swimming, Boys Amy Weiser
Swimming, Girls Amy Weiser
Tennis, Boys Howard Green
Tennis, Girls Howard Green
Trainer Jason Reed
Track/Field, Boys Jarad Jeter
Track/Field, Girls Jarad Jeter
Volleyball Carrie Turner
Wrestling Nick Mountz


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