M. B. Kennedy Middle School

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274 E Pine Log Rd, Aiken, SC 29803, USA
274 East Pine Log Road Beech Island South Carolina 29842 US
(803) 641-2470(803) 641-2470
(803) 641-2405
Principal Ryan Ashley   rashley@acpsd.net
Athletic Director      
Basketball, Boys Sherrod Davis   sdavis2@acpsd.net
Basketball, Girls      
Competitive Cheer Angie White   awhite@acpsd.net
Cross Country, Boys      
Cross Country, Girls      
Golf, Boys Michael Prandy   mprandy@acpsd.net
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys      
Soccer, Girls      
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Track/Field, Boys      
Track/Field, Girls      
Volleyball Stephanie Prandy   sprandy@acpsd.net




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600 Lydia Drive, Pelion, SC 29123, United States 49.96 km

Class AA     Region 5

Mascot: Panthers
School Colors: Maroon / Vegas Gold White


Principal Bryan Hearn   bhearn@lexington1.net
Athletic Director Dann Holland   dholland@lexington1.net
Athletic Secretary Alisa Gentry   akgentry@lexington1.net
Assistant AD David Smith   dsmith2@lexington1.net
Baseball Barry Fogle   bfogle@lexington1.net
Basketball, Boys David Smith   dsmith2@lexington1.net
Basketball, Girls Kenneth Tucker   ktucker@lexington1.net
Competitive Cheer Kim Kirby   kkirby@lexington1.net
Cross Country, Boys Mark Bedenbaugh   mbedenbaugh@lexington1.net
Cross Country, Girls Mark Bedenbaugh   mbedenbaugh@lexington1.net
Football Dann Holland   dholland@lexington1.net
Golf, Boys Jody Truesdale   rtruesdale@lexington1.net
Golf, Girls Kathryn Cook   kcook@lexington1.net
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys      
Soccer, Girls TBD    
Softball Larry Poole   jpoole@lexington1.net
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls Amy Miller   amiller@lexington1.net
Trainer Zach Richards   zrichards@lexington1.net
Track/Field, Boys Mark Bedenbaugh   mbedenbaugh@lexington1.net
Track/Field, Girls Carl Flowers   cflowers@lexington1.net
Volleyball Elizabeth Peeples   epeeples@lexington1.net
Wrestling Will Washburn   wwashburn@lexington1.net


840 Main Street, Gilbert, SC 29054, United States 52.23 km

Class AAA     Region 5



Mascot: Indians
School Colors: Red /White /Black
Principal Jacob Nelson   jnelson@lexington1.net
Athletic Director Chad Leaphart   cjleaphart@lexington1.net
Athletic Secretary Deana Keisler   dkeisler@lexington1.net
Assistant AD Ashley Burnett   aburnett@lexington1.net
Baseball Ashley Burnett   aburnett@lexington1.net
Basketball, Boys Ozzie Exume   oexume@lexington1.net
Basketball, Girls Alvin Wright   thewrightapproach@hotmail.com
Competitive Cheer Tiffany Vining   tvining@lexington1.net
Cross Country, Boys Danny Tribble   dannytribblejr@yahoo.com
Cross Country, Girls Rachel Santer    
Football Chad Leaphart   cjleaphart@lexington1.net
Golf, Boys Dru Nix   drunix50@gmail.com
Golf, Girls Dru Nix   drunix50@gmail.com
Lacrosse, Boys NA    
Lacrosse, Girls NA    
Soccer, Boys Tim Green   tdgreen@lexington1.net
Soccer, Girls Michael Kleinfelder   gilbertwomenssoccer@gmail.com
Softball Sarah Minchew   sminchew@lexington1.net
Swimming, Boys NA    
Swimming, Girls NA    
Tennis, Boys Mark Cagle   mcagle@lexington1.net
Tennis, Girls Patty Spires   pcspires@lexington1.net
Trainer Byron Millwood   bmillwood@lexington1.net
Track/Field, Boys Danny Tribble   dannytribblejr@yahoo.com
Track/Field, Girls Zach Lybrand   zlybrand@lexington1.net
Volleyball Jackie Shealy   jshealy@lexington1.net
Wrestling Mitch Hudson   mhudson@lexington1.net
120 Rikard Circle, Gilbert, SC, 29054 USA 52.74 km
Principal Dr Benji Ricard bricard@lexington1.net
Athletic Director Nicole Amick  nhinton@lexington1.net
Baseball Clark Mullins cmullins@lexington1.net
Basketball, Boys Jerrin Watson jerrin.watson@cmc.com
Basketball, Girls TBD
Competitive Cheer Shelly Lewis slewis@lexington1.net
Cross Country, Boys
Cross Country, Girls
Football Rick Snelling rsnelling@lexington1.net
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys
Soccer, Girls
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Track/Field, Boys TBD
Track/Field, Girls TBD
Volleyball Abby Buchanan alinnerud@lexington1.net
Wrestling Michael Kleinfelder gilbertwomenssoccer@gmail.com
160 Ivory Key Road, Saluda, SC 29138, United States 53.42 km

Class AA   Region 4


Mascot: Fighting Tigers
School Colors: Purple / White


Principal Robert Etheredge   retheredge@saludaschools.org
Athletic Director Jeanette Wilder   jwilder@saludaschools.org
Athletic Secretary Tanya Goff   tgoff@saludaschools.org
Assistant AD Nate Horton / Ben Webb   nhorton@saludaschools.org
Baseball Nate Horton   nhorton@saludaschools.org
Basketball, Boys Andre Lytes   alytes@saludaschools.org
Basketball, Girls Jeanette Wilder   jwilder@saludaschools.org
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Russell Altman   raltman@saludaschools.org
Cross Country, Girls Russell Altman   raltman@saludaschools.org
Football Stewart Young   syoung@saludaschools.org
Golf, Boys TBD    
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Dave Clark   dclark@saludaschools.org
Soccer, Girls Dave Clark   dclark@saludaschools.org
Softball Brett Newton   bnewton@saludaschools.org
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys Ed Chariker   echariker@saludaschools.org
Tennis, Girls Jessica Jennings   jjennings@saludaschools.org
Trainer Tyler Jennings   tjennings@saludaschools.org
Track/Field, Boys Garrett Jones   gjones@saludaschools.org
Track/Field, Girls Garrett Jones   gjones@saludaschools.org
Volleyball Nate Horton   nhorton@saludaschools.org


692 Cromer Avenue, North, SC 29112, United States 57.21 km

Class A      Region 3



Mascot: Eagles
School Colors: Royal Blue / White


Principal Kuterah Singletary   kuterah.singletary@ocsdsc.org
Athletic Director Keith Williams   keith.williams@ocsdsc.org
Athletic Secretary      
Assistant AD      
Baseball Joseph Holdren   jholdren1970@gmail.com
Basketball, Boys TBA    
Basketball, Girls Jacob Moorer   jacob.moorer@ocsdsc.org
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys      
Cross Country, Girls      
Golf, Boys Jacob Mack   jacob.mack@ocsdsc.org
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys      
Soccer, Girls      
Softball Marla Robinson   marla.robinson@ocsdsc.org
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Track/Field, Boys William Thompson   william.thompson@ocsdsc.org
Track/Field, Girls William Thompson   william.thompson@ocsdsc.org
Volleyball Horace Bookman   horace.bookman@ocsdsc.org
denmark olar 3.jpg
197 Viking Circle, Denmark, SC 29042, United States 59.06 km

Class A     Region 3



Mascot: Vikings
School Colors: Royal Blue / Gold


Principal Dr. Deonia Simmons dsimmons@bamberg2.org
Athletic Director Jarvis Littlejohn jlittlejohn@bamberg2.org
Athletic Secretary Lataryl Youmans lyoumans@bamberg2.org
Assistant AD NA
Baseball NA
Basketball, Boys Hercules Davis hdavis@bamberg2.org
Basketball, Girls Terrance Jones tjones@bamberg2.org
Competitive Cheer Laura Hampton lhampton@bamberg.org
Cross Country, Boys NA
Cross Country, Girls NA
Football Jarvis Littlejohn TBD
Golf, Boys Walter Baker wbaker@bamberg2.org
Golf, Girls NA
Lacrosse, Boys NA
Lacrosse, Girls NA
Soccer, Boys Kingsley Cobbinah-Gyapong kcobbinahgyapong@bamberg2.org
Soccer, Girls Kingsley Cobbinah-Gyapong kcobbinahgyapong@bamberg2.org
Softball NA
Swimming, Boys NA
Swimming, Girls NA
Tennis, Boys NA
Tennis, Girls NA
Trainer NA
Track/Field, Boys Hercules Davis hdavis@bamberg2.org
Track/Field, Girls Laura Hampton lhampton@bamberg2.org
Volleyball TBD
Wrestling NA
white knoll.jpg
5643 Platt Springs Road, Lexington, SC 29073, United States 61.24 km

Class AAAAA     Region 5



Mascot: Timberwolves
School Colors: Navy / Cardinal / Silver


Principal Ted Daughtrey   edaughtrey@lexington1.net
Athletic Director Dean Howell   dhowell@lexington1.net
Athletic Secretary Alexzandra Peckham   apeckham@lexington1.net
Assistant AD Sheila Gordon   sgordon@lexington1.net
Baseball Blake Roland   aroland@lexington1.net
Basketball, Boys Darrick Cureton   dcureton@lexington1.net
Basketball, Girls Walt Allen   wallen@lexington1.net
Competitive Cheer Lisa Gandee   lgandee@lexington1.net
Cross Country, Boys Megan Holder   meganssteacher@gmail.com
Cross Country, Girls Megan Holder   meganssteacher@gmail.com
Football Dean Howell   dhowell@lexington1.net
Golf, Boys Jason Horne   jhorne@lexington1.net
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys Daniel Carter   dcarter@lexington1.net
Lacrosse, Girls Laura Parker   parkerlaura7795@gmail.com
Soccer, Boys Brandon  Nichols   bnichols@lexington1.net
Soccer, Girls Rob Hunter   soccer553@hotmail.com
Softball April Farr   afarr@lexington1.net
Swimming, Boys Louis Biles   lbiles@lexington1.net
Swimming, Girls Louis Biles   lbiles@lexington1.net
Tennis, Boys Sarah Fisher   sfisher@lexington1.net
Tennis, Girls Tonya Swalgren   tswalgren@lexington1.net
Trainer Sheila Gordon   sgordon@lexington1.net
Track/Field, Boys John Clanton   jclanton@lexington1.net
Track/Field, Girls Megan Holden   mholden@lexington1.net
Volleyball Alexzandra Peckham   apeckham@lexington1.net
Wrestling Kyle Kimrey   kkimrey@lexington1.net
500 East 1st Street, Swansea, SC 29160, United States 61.95 km

Class AAA      Region 5



Mascot: Tigers
School Colors: Purple / Gold
Principal Marcia Seawright mseawright@lexington4.net
Athletic Director Chris Register cregister@lexington4.net
Athletic Secretary Robin Anderson randerson@lexington4.net
Assistant AD Justin Newton justinnewton@lexington4.net
Baseball Kenny Lipsey klipsey@lexington4.net
Basketball, Boys Chris Register cregister@lexington4.net
Basketball, Girls Bryant McNeal bmcneal@lexington4.net
Competitive Cheer LaToya Williams lwilliams@lexington4.net
Cross Country, Boys Shelia Parkman sparkman@lexington4.net
Cross Country, Girls Shelia Parkman sparkman@lexington4.net
Football Brent Wilder bwilder@lexington4.net
Golf, Boys Cathy Hill chill@lexington4.net
Golf, Girls Cathy Hill chill@lexington4.net
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys Tremaine Shivers tshivers@lexington4.net
Soccer, Girls Chad Meredith cmeredith@lexington4.net
Softball Marty Mack mmack@lexington4.net
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Trainer TBD
Track/Field, Boys Daniel Burton dburton@lexington4.net
Track/Field, Girls Daniel Burton dburton@lexington4.net
Volleyball Miranda Hall-Williams mhall-williams@lexington4.net
Wrestling TBD



2463 Augusta Highway, Lexington, SC 29072, United States 62.87 km

Class AAAAA   Region 5


Mascot: Wildcats
School Colors: Blue & Gold


Principal Ryan Pool   rtpool@lexington1.net
Athletic Director Perry Woolbright   pwoolbright@lexington1.net
Athletic Secretary Izzy Wise   ewise@lexington1.net
Assistant AD Brandon Smith   cbsmith@lexington1.net
Baseball/Assistant AD Brian Hucks   bhucks@lexington1.net
Basketball, Boys Elliott Pope   epope@lexington1.net
Basketball, Girls Molly Goodrich   mgoodrich@lexington1.net
Competitive Cheer Leigh Watson   jlwatson@lexington1.net
Cross Country, Boys Bailey Harris   bharris@lexington1.net
Cross Country, Girls Tanner Graham   tgraham@lexington1.net
Football Perry Woolbright   pwoolbright@lexington1.net
Golf, Boys Brandon Smith   cbsmith@lexington1.net
Golf, Girls Brandon Smith    cbsmith@lexington1.net
Lacrosse, Boys Mark Piepoli    mpiepoli@lexington1.net
Lacrosse, Girls Dennis Dotterer   ddotterer@lexington1.net
Soccer, Boys Will Gettys   wgettys@lexington1.net
Soccer, Girls Chris Fryland   cfryland@lexington1.net
Softball Laurie Epps   lepps@lexington1.net
Swimming, Boys Foster Mathews   fomathews@gmail.com
Swimming, Girls Foster Mathews   fomathews@gmail.com
Tennis, Boys Jeff Fretwell   jeffreyfretwell@gmail.com
Tennis, Girls Jeff Fretwell   jeffreyfretwell@gmail.com
Trainer Scott Thomas   sthomas@lexington1.net
Track/Field, Boys Tanner Graham   tgraham@lexington1.net
Track/Field, Girls/ AAD Tanner Graham   tgraham@lexington1.net
Volleyball Eric Shick   eshick@lexington1.net
Wrestling Derek Strobel   dstrobel@lexington1.net
6981 SC Hwy 28 South McCormick 29835 66.55 km

Class A     Region 1



Mascot: Chiefs
School Colors: Red / White / Black
Admin or Head Coach Name Email
Principal Steve English englishs@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Athletic Director Rico Salliewhite salliewhiter@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Athletic Secretary Pearlene Talbert talbertp@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Assistant AD
Basketball, Boys Rico Salliewhite salliewhiter@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Girls Amy Wilkerson Wikersona@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys
Cross Country, Girls
Football Paul Pratt Prattp@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys
Soccer, Girls
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Track/Field, Boys Kenneth Gunter Gunterk@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Girls Brittany Callaham callahambr@mccormick.k12.sc.us
Volleyball Brittany Callaham callahambr@mccormick.k12.sc.us


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