Travelers Rest High School

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301 North Main Street, Travelers Rest, SC, United States
301 North Main Street Travelers Rest South Carolina 29690 US

Class AAAA     Region 1


Mascot: Devildogs
School Colors: Blue /Gold
Principal Daniel Bruce
Athletic Director Erin Keen
Athletic Secretary NA    
Assistant AD Heather Foster
Baseball Brian McKitrick
Basketball, Boys Josh Mills
Basketball, Girls Lindsay Baber
Competitive Cheer Shelley Kozic
Cross Country, Boys John King
Cross Country, Girls John King
Football Ray Gould
Golf, Boys Corey Scheffers
Golf, Girls TBD    
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Dave Hennigan
Soccer, Girls Zoren Rierson
Softball Erin Keen
Swimming, Boys Lindsay Baber
Swimming, Girls Lindsay Baber
Tennis, Boys George Harrelson
Tennis, Girls      
Trainer Frank Briceland    
Track/Field, Boys John King
Track/Field, Girls Lindsay Baber
Volleyball Holly Bowser
Wrestling Ted Henderson


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145 Hood Road, Greenville, SC 29611, United States 19.3 km

Class AAA     Region 2



Mascot:    Patriots
School Colors: Navy Blue / Red / Silver


Principal Dr. Chris Ferguson
Athletic Director Robert Mustar
Athletic Secretary Susan Callaham
Assistant AD Sean McNinney
Baseball Wade Padgett
Basketball, Boys Chase Garner
Basketball, Girls Deidra Langston
Competitive Cheer Kelli McNeal
Cross Country, Boys Libby Holliday
Cross Country, Girls Libby Holliday
Football Robert Mustar
Golf, Boys Tracy Epps
Golf, Girls Pam Prescott
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Charlie Pike
Soccer, Girls Colin Melton
Softball Ricky Carter
Swimming, Boys Virginia Jordan
Swimming, Girls Virginia Jordan
Tennis, Boys Lisa Troup
Tennis, Girls Lisa Troup
Trainer Maddison English
Track/Field, Boys Isaac Moore
Track/Field, Girls Ryan Norton
Volleyball Brooke Passini
Wrestling Sean Mascaro
794 Hammett Bridge Road, Greer, SC 29650, United States 19.32 km

Class AAAAA Region 2



Mascot: Warrior
School Colors: Royal Blue / Red / White



Principal Darah Huffman
Athletic Director Michael Pettit
Assistant AD Sam Oates
Assistant AD Erie Williams
Assistant AD Allen Arnold
Assistant AD David Beam
Baseball Michael Pettit
Basketball, Boys Allen Arnold
Basketball, Girls Brianne Jones
Competitive Cheer Cindy Armstrong
Cross Country, Boys Eric Cummings
Cross Country, Girls Eric Cummings
Football Erie Williams
Golf, Boys Bryan Woody
Golf, Girls Bryan Woody
Lacrosse, Boys Jay Black
Lacrosse, Girls Thomas Riley
Soccer, Boys Todd Lea
Soccer, Girls Carley Victor
Softball Jordan Farmer
Swimming, Boys Eddie Hughes
Swimming, Girls Eddie Hughes
Tennis, Boys Jeremy Williams
Tennis, Girls Heather Gage
Trainer Samantha Nance
Track/Field, Boys Deon Kelly
Track/Field, Girls Deon Kelly
Volleyball Jen Palmateer
Wrestling Travis Wynn
6630 Frontage at white horse, greenville, sc 29681 19.82 km

Class AAA     Region 2



Mascot: Tigers
School Colors: Orange / Black / White


Principal Andre Dukes
Athletic Director Thomas Fredrickson
Athletic Secretary Christie Seear
Assistant AD Toney Mealing               Heather Perry
Baseball Keith Bishop
Basketball, Boys Greg Scott
Basketball, Girls Milton Parks
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Jonathan Smith
Cross Country, Girls Jonathan Smith
Football Jeremy West
Golf, Boys Luis Kuronya
Golf, Girls Luis Kuronya
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Thomas Fredrickson
Soccer, Girls Mary Weaver
Softball Andrew Rice
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys Terry Rookard
Tennis, Girls Terry Rookard
Trainer Alex Vinson
Track/Field, Boys Jonathan Smith
Track/Field, Girls Jonathan Smith
Volleyball Heather Perry
Wrestling Andrew Rice


3000 East Gap Creek Road, Greer, SC 29651, United States 20.02 km

Class AAAA     Region 2


Mascot:     Yellow Jackets
School Colors:      Black / Vegas Gold


Principal Justin Ludley
Athletic Director Greg Miller
Athletic Secretary Rebecca Barbare
Assistant AD  

Marvin Miller

Baseball Josh Smith
Basketball, Boys Greg Miller
Basketball, Girls Demarcio Downs
Competitive Cheer Anna Brown
Cross Country, Boys Todd Roberts
Cross Country, Girls Mike Meade
Football Will Young
Golf, Boys Rob Gravley
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Nick Roberson
Soccer, Girls Jorge Santos
Softball Shane Craig
Swimming, Boys Paul Dean
Swimming, Girls Paul Dean
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls Linda Sandusky
Trainer Zack Parker
Track/Field, Boys      
Track/Field, Girls      
Volleyball Silas Jenkins
Wrestling Chad Henkin
St. Joseph's.jpg
100 St. Joseph’s Drive Greenville 29607 20.53 km

Class AA      Region 2



Mascot: Knights
School Colors: Royal Blue / White


Principal Keith Kiser
Athletic Director Eric Nash
Athletic Secretary Becky Van Evera
Assistant AD Dorian Lane
Baseball George Turmon
Basketball, Boys Paul Assinesi
Basketball, Girls Natalie Satterfield
Cheer Jessica Reynolds
Cross Country, Boys George Carr
Cross Country, Girls Marie Kernell
Football Jon Wheeler
Golf, Boys Ted Coia
Golf, Girls Jimmy Freeland
Lacrosse, Boys Ed Knope
Lacrosse, Girls Barry Eilers
Soccer, Boys Frank Kucinic
Soccer, Girls Rick Morris
Softball David Dickson
Swimming, Boys Becky Van Evera
Swimming, Girls Becky Van Evera
Tennis, Boys Ken Arp
Tennis, Girls Tricia Brown
Trainer Katie Stovall
Track/Field, Boys George Carr
Track/Field, Girls George Carr
Volleyball Jan Carino
Wrestling Rick Morris
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160 Fairforest Way, Greenville, SC 29607, United States 20.97 km

Class AAAAA Region 1



Mascot: Patriots
School Colors: Columbia Blue / Red / White
  Admin or Head Coach Name   Email
Principal Charlie Mayfield
Athletic Director Bryce Nelson
Athletic Secretary Tonya Vaughan
Assistant AD Lamont Wakefield
Baseball Brian Simpson
Basketball, Boys Clay Breazeale
Basketball, Girls Lamont Wakefield
Competitive Cheer Betsey Van Jura    
Cross Country, Boys Glen McAtee
Cross Country, Girls Todd Prochaska
Football Steve Watson
Golf, Boys Red Cook
Golf, Girls Robert Hawthorne
Lacrosse, Boys Rob Searfoss
Lacrosse, Girls Kristy Schumacher
Soccer, Boys Roger Zuchowski
Soccer, Girls Steve Georgopoulos
Softball Tammy Pace
Swimming, Boys Cile Williamson
Swimming, Girls Cile Williamson
Tennis, Boys Reggie Beeks
Tennis, Girls Sidney Mitchell
Trainer Angie Johnson
Track/Field, Boys Todd Prochaska
Track/Field, Girls Todd Prochaska
Volleyball Kim LaBoard
Wrestling Nick Lilly    
christ church.jpg
245 Cavalier Drive, Greenville, SC 29607, United States 21.7 km

Class AA      Region 1



Mascot: Cavaliers
School Colors: Cavalier Blue / White


Principal  David Padilla
Athletic Director Molly Miller
Athletic Secretary Corrie Leonard
Assistant AD Tommy Bobo
Baseball Andrew Plunkett
Basketball, Boys John Butler
Basketball, Girls Ja’Net Vicks
Competitive Cheer N/A
Cross Country, Boys Charlie Woodward
Cross Country, Girls John Mark Elliott
Football Quin Hatfield
Golf, Boys Kristen Rooke
Golf, Girls Dan Wilkie
Lacrosse, Boys Joe Cummings
Lacrosse, Girls Molly Miller
Soccer, Boys Anthony Esquivel
Soccer, Girls Ashley Seeley
Softball N/A
Swimming, Boys Matt Jacobssen
Swimming, Girls Matt Jacobssen
Tennis, Boys Jim Burford
Tennis, Girls Sherry Adams
Trainer MJ Suber
Track/Field, Boys Darrell Durham
Track/Field, Girls Darrell Durham
Volleyball Katie Touchton
Wrestling Christ Teague
154 Green Wave Blvd, Easley, SC 29642, United States 23.46 km

Class AAAA      Region 1



Mascot: Green Wave
School Colors: Kelly Green / White


Principal Gary Culler
Athletic Director Gilbert Payne
Athletic Secretary Lauren Hudson
Assistant AD Sheila Simmons
Assistant AD Grant Stallard
Baseball Gilbert Payne
Basketball, Girls Ivan Raymond
Competitive Cheer Lauren Hudson
Cross Country, Boys Braxton Sheriff
Cross Country, Girls Braxton Sheriff
Football Jordan Durrah
Golf, Boys Aaron Daniel
Golf, Girls Aaron Daniel
Lacrosse, Boys N/A   n/a
Lacrosse, Girls N/A   n/a
Soccer, Boys William Rodriguez
Soccer, Girls Abi Doud
Softball Trish Spence
Swimming, Boys Sarah Taylor
Swimming, Girls Sarah Taylor
Tennis, Boys Terry Wood
Tennis, Girls Pending    
Trainer Jeff Harris
Trainer Braxton Sheriff
Track/Field, Girls Ron Sullivan
Volleyball Racheal Huff
Wrestling Randy Merchant
southside christian.jpg
2211 Woodruff Road, Simpsonville, SC, 29681 24.58 km

Class A     Region 1

Mascot: Sabres
School Colors: Navy / Columbia Blue



Principal Dr. Bob Stouffer
Athletic Director Mike Johnson
Athletic Secretary Laura Adair
Assistant AD Nick Theaux, Mike Sonneborn;
Baseball Scott Freeman
Basketball, Boys Rick Remer
Basketball, Girls Mike Johnson
Competitive Cheer n/a    
Cross Country, Boys Tim Gibbons
Cross Country, Girls Tim Gibbons
Football Mike Sonneborn
Golf, Boys David Beddingfield
Golf, Girls David Beddingfield
Lacrosse, Boys n/a    
Lacrosse, Girls n/a    
Soccer, Boys Sam Greeley
Soccer, Girls Sheila Wyer
Softball Hope Scheving
Swimming, Boys Kathy Nelson
Swimming, Girls Kathy Nelson
Tennis, Boys Kip Tutman
Tennis, Girls Kip Tutman
Trainer Chris Young
Track/Field, Boys DeAnn Walpole
Track/Field, Girls DeAnn Walpole
Volleyball Priscilla LeGrand
Wrestling n/a    



150 Blue Flame Drive, Pickens, SC 29671, United States 25.26 km

Class AAAA     Region 1



Mascot: Blue Flame
School Colors: Royal Blue / White / Red


Principal Corey Willimon
Athletic Director Chad Smith
Athletic Secretary      
Assistant AD Tim Sheppard
Baseball Matt Smith
Basketball, Boys Jeff Harrelson
Basketball, Girls Rikki Owens
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Daniel Furr
Cross Country, Girls Daniel Furr
Football Chad Smith
Golf, Boys Chris Ward
Golf, Girls Lem Blackwell
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Jon Davit
Soccer, Girls Craig Spivey
Softball Lizzie Fela
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls Kenny Krantz
Trainer Ed Doherty
Track/Field, Boys Bryan Ramey
Track/Field, Girls Daniel Furr
Volleyball Rikki Owens
Wrestling Bryan Bearden
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