Sportsmanship is a concern that we all have. The way people perceive you is a reality (at least to them).

This reality is what the South Carolina High School League would like to address. The greatest challenge to good sportsmanship is adversity. When things are not going well the easy response is to shift the blame. In particular, to shift it away from one’s self to the opponent, or more often, the officials. When this is done, the focus is away from the positive, “to play harder or better,” to the negative, “how can I possibly overcome the bad calls.” As administrators/coaches we feel it is essential that all athletes maintain a positive approach to handling adversity.

Our standard shall be that all coaches and players compete with humility and respect all involved in the contest. The purpose of this program is to promote and recognize exemplary conduct on the part of players, coaches and fans.

Sportsmanship Awards will be given out to member schools at the Spring Conference each year.

Requirements to receive Sportsmanship Award:


  1. Community Service Activities
  2. Athlete Ejections – No more than 3
  3. Coach Ejections – None
  4. Sportsmanship Programs in your school or Attendance at Leadership Conference
  5. No Sportsmanship issues/sanctions of fans or students at home contest.
  6. Participate in one Living Clean Week.