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McCormick County School District
POSITION TITLE: Athletic Coaches (All Sports)
SUMMARY: Coaching for all athletic activities
● Valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Preferred
● Valid State of SC Teacher Certification Preferred
● Has previous successful coaching knowledge of the technical aspects of the sport
● Completes all coaches trainings required by the sport
● Has the ability to organize and supervise the athletic sport
● Provides training rules and any other unique regulations of the sport to each student-athlete who is
considered a participant
● Gives constant attention to a student student-athlete’s grades and conduct
● Provides assistance, guidance and safeguards for each participant by his/her presence at all practices, games
and while traveling
● Works with Athletic Trainer and/or Athletic Nurse to initiate programs and policies concerning injuries,
medical attention and emergencies, including reports of all disabling athletic injuries on proper forms
● Determines discipline, delineates procedures concerning due process when the enforcement of discipline is
necessary and contacts parents when a student is dropped or becomes ineligible
● Ensures all student-athletes and team captain’s attend required athletic department functions
● Works with teachers and guidance to help student-athletes in academics to pursue college or other
● Organizes parents, volunteers, and players for pre-season meetings
● Promotes the sport within the school by recruiting student-athletes that are not participating in athletics.
● Maintains good public relations with booster club, parents, officials, volunteers and fans
● Communicate daily with athletic office and health/athletic training office
● Establish rapport with school administration and main office staff
● Performs such other duties that may be assigned by the Director of Athletic Programs & School Principal
Terms of Employment: Salary to be determined by the Board of Trustees
Reports to: Athletic Director
Days: Seasonal according to Sport
Salary Range: Please see our salary Schedule

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