Woodland HS – Football

Woodland High School (Dorchester, SC) is looking for an Offensive
Coordinator who will be expected to perform the following duties:
• Coordinates offense, oversees offensive staff. Prepares offensive playbooks
for season
• Conducts meetings with offensive staff and offensive unit daily and prepares
offensive practice schedule with Football staff.
• Provide game & practice film analysis with offensive and film breakdown of
opponent’s defensive tendencies.
• Coordinates Offensive adjustments on sideline & halftime.
• Prepares offensive run game scripts, scout defensive cards with fronts,
coverages & stunts and prepares play Calling sheet, hit chart, big play-bad
play typed & filed
• Prepares offensive scouting report with staff in season, breakdown film,
fronts & stunts, blitz chart, two deep and coverages.
• Evaluates all offensive film for potential recruits.
• Coordinates with staff weekly goal board and players of the week board.
• Goal Line, special teams (KOR, PAT-FG).
• Other duties as assigned by the Head Coach and/or the Athletic Director
(All teaching positions to be considered and please email your resume to
eford@dd4.k12.sc.us or tsibert@dd4.k12.sc.us)

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