Waccamaw Middle School

247 Wildcat Way, Pawleys Island, SC, USA
247 Wildcat Way Pawleys Island South Carolina 29585 US
(843) 237-0106(843) 237-0106
(843) 237-0237
Mascot: Wildcat
School Colors: Black / Silver


Principal Jamie Curry jc@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Athletic Director Arica Armstrong aarmstrong@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Boys Christopher Bergeron cbergeron@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Girls Aliska Brown abrown@gcsd.k12.sc.us
B-Team Cheer Danielle Otto dotto@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Cross Country, Boys
Cross Country, Girls
B- Team Football Christopher Bergeron cbergeron@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls
 JV Lacrosse, Boys Christopher Bergeron cbergeron@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys
JV Soccer, Girls Rebecca Carreiro rcarreiro@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Track/Field, Boys
Track/Field, Girls


2412 Kings River Road, Pawleys Island, SC 29585, United States 6.63 km

Class AAA    Region 7



Mascot: Warriors
School Colors: Scarlet / Black


Principal Adam George   ageorge@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Athletic Director Ben Schoen   bschoen@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Assistant AD Jeff Gregory   jgregory@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Assistant AD Chris Overbeek   coverbeek@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Baseball Jeff Gregory   jgregory@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Boys Mike Quinn   mquinn@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Girls Matt Vassallo   mvassallo@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Competitive Cheer Mary Kate Doyle   mkdoyle313@gmail.com
Cross Country, Boys John Jones   gosvtrek@gmail.com
Cross Country, Girls Brian White   bwhite@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Football Amondre Johnson   ajohnson@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Golf, Boys Charles Chappelle   rocksolidgolfcc@gmail.com
Golf, Girls Charles Chappelle   rocksolidgolfcc@gmail.com
Lacrosse, Boys Chris Bergeron   cbergeron@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Lacrosse, Girls Sarena Flewelling   sflewelling@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Soccer, Boys Ben Schoen   bschoen@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Soccer, Girls Mark Sanchez   Mrksanchez15@gmail.com
Softball Jessica Smith   jsmith@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Swimming, Boys David Dear   david@resortinteriors.net
Swimming, Girls David Dear   david@resortinteriors.net
Tennis, Boys Blaine Harvey   blaineharvey@aol.com
Tennis, Girls Mary Cannon   beechbuffalo@yahoo.com
Trainer Dana Woodard   dwoodard@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Boys Bill Peterman   bpeterman@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Girls Bill Peterman   bpeterman@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Volleyball Katie Wilson   kwilson@coastalmontessoricharter.org
Wrestling Don Williams   dwilliams@gcsd.k12.sc.us
st james.jpg
10800 Highway 707, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States 14.2 km

Class AAAAA     Region 6



Mascot: Sharks
School Colors: Blue / Silver


Principal Vann Pennell   vpennell@horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Director Billy Hurston   bhurston@horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Secretary      
Assistant AD Tommy Norwood   tnorwood@horrycountyschools.net
Baseball Robbie Centracchio   rcentracchio@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Boys Chris Tibbits   ctibbits@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Girls Paul Hudacko   phudacko@horrycountyschools.net
Competitive Cheer Jessica Harrell   jharrell@horrycountyschools.net
Cross Country, Boys Joe Grega   jgrega@horrycountyschools.net
Cross Country, Girls Ken McSorley   kmcsorley@horrycountyschools.net
Football Tommy Norwood   tnorwood@horrycountyschools.net
Golf, Boys Kent Barhydt   kentbarhydt@gmail.com
Golf, Girls Denise Noll   dnoll@horrycountyschools.net
Lacrosse, Boys Tom Moxley   patriot55services@gmail.com
Lacrosse, Girls Michelle Parr   mparr@tidelands health.org
Soccer, Boys Raphael Carr   raphaelcarr@gmail.com
Soccer, Girls Katelyn Jacobs   kjacobs001@horrycountyschools.net
Softball Adam Jones   ajones001@horrycountyschools.net
Swimming, Boys Michael Chapman   mchapman@horrycountyschools.net
Swimming, Girls Samantha Chapman   schapman@horrycountyschools.net
Tennis, Boys Patrick Cannon    pcannon001@horrycountyschools.net
Tennis, Girls Patrick Cannon   pcannon001@horrycountyschools.net
Trainer Bill Krauss   bkrauss@horrycountyschools.net
Track/Field, Boys Jacob Scheuer   jscheuer@horrycountyschool.net
Track/Field, Girls Ken McSorley   kmcsorley@horrycountyschools.net
Volleyball Katie Davis   kdavis@horrycountyschools.net
Wrestling Matt Anderson   manderson@horrycountyschools.net
9775 St James Rd, Murrells Inlet, SC, USA 15.41 km
Mascot: Sharks
School Colors: Blue / Silver


Principal Olga Toggas   otoggas@horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Director Donna Jacobs   djacobs@horrycountyschools.net
Baseball Robbie  Centracchio   rcentracchio@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Boys Greg Simpson   gsimpson@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Girls Hannah Price   hrpice@horrycountyschools.net
Competitive Cheer Reagan Davis    
Cross Country, Boys Joe Grega   jgrega@horrycountyschools.net
Cross Country, Girls Ken McSorley   kmcsorley@horrycountyschools.net
Football Greg Simpson   gsimpson@horrycountyschooos
Golf, Boys Kent Barhydt    
Golf, Girls Kent Barhydt    
Lacrosse, Boys Tom Moxley   patriot55service@gmail.com
Lacrosse, Girls Michelle Parr    
Soccer, Boys Raphael Carr    
Soccer, Girls Kate Jacobs   kjacobs001@horrycountyschools.net
Softball Richard Effinger   reffinger@horrycountyschools.net
Swimming, Boys Samantha Chapman   schapman@horrycountyschools.net
Swimming, Girls Samantha Chapman   schapman@horrycountyschools.net
Tennis, Boys Lee Cannon    
Tennis, Girls Patrick Cannon    
Trainer Bill Krauss   bkrauss@horrycountyschools.net
Track/Field, Boys Ken McSorley   kmcsorley@horrycountyschools.net
Track/Field, Girls Ken McSorley   kmcsorley@horrycountyschools.net
Volleyball Katie Davis   kdavis@horrycountyschools.net
Wrestling Matt Anderson   manderson003@horrycountyschools.net


2500 Anthuan Maybank Drive, Georgetown, SC 29440, United States 22.47 km

Class AAA     Region 7



                       Mascot: Bulldogs
  School Colors: Navy Blue / Gray


Principal Craig Stone cstone@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Athletic Director Jimmy Noonan jnoonan@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Assistant AD Alicia Johnson ajohnson@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Athletic Secretary Jonie Howard jmhoward@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Baseball Jason West jcwest@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Boys Alvin Walker awalker@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Girls Tony Ford tford@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Competitive Cheer Carolyn  Casselman ctcasselman@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Cross Country, Boys James Martin jamesleefrom843@gmail.com
Cross Country, Girls Denise Thompkins dthompkins@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Football Jimmy Noonan jnoona@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Golf, Boys Tamara McClurkin tmcclurkin@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Golf, Girls Tamara McClurkin tmcclurkin@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Lacrosse, Boys NA
Lacrosse, Girls NA
Soccer, Boys Chris Hapeshis chapeshis@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Soccer, Girls TBA
Softball Whitney Ramsing wramsing@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Swimming, Boys NA
Swimming, Girls NA
Tennis, Boys James Martin jamesleefrom843@gmail.com
Tennis, Girls Grace George ggeorge@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Trainer Michaela Etheridge metheridge@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Boys Robert Scott rscott@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Girls Leeshawn Cromedy lcromedy@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Volleyball Mattison Drinkwater medrinkwa@coastal.edu
Wrestling TBA



4900 Socastee Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588, United States 23.21 km

Class AAAAA     Region 6


Mascot: Braves
School Colors: Black / Vegas Gold



Principal Jeremy Rich jrich@horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Director Tim Renfrow trenfrow@horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Secretary Gail Bond gbond@horrycountyschools.net
Assistant AD
Baseball Curtis Hudson chudson001@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Boys Derrick Hilton dhilton@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Girls Kelly Lewis klewis004@horrycountyschools.net
Competitive Cheer Shelley Reathaford sreathaford@horrycountyschools.net
Cross Country, Boys
Cross Country, Girls Randy Melko rmelko@horrycountyschools.net
Football Ben Hampton bhampton@horrycountyschools.net
Golf, Boys Chuck Hutchinson chuckh@eastcoastgolfmanagement.com
Golf, Girls Roni Shoemaker rshoemaker@horrycountyschools.net
Lacrosse, Boys Matt Fox mfox@horrycountyschools.net
Lacrosse, Girls Hampton Campbell hcampbell@horrycountyschools.net
Soccer, Boys Chris Miller cmiller001@horrycountyschools.net
Soccer, Girls Memo Suarez msuarez@horrycountyschools.net
Softball Steve Hodge shodge@horrycountyschools.net
Swimming, Boys Jessica Cody jcody@horrycountyschools.net
Swimming, Girls Nicholas Cody nicholas.james.cody@gmail.com
Tennis, Boys Beth Warstler beth.warstler24@gmail.com
Tennis, Girls Jason Williams jwilliams002@horrycountyschools.net
Trainer Jason Keesee jkeesee@horrycountyschools.net
Track/Field, Boys Van Arrington varrington@horrycountyschools.net
Track/Field, Girls Van Arrington varrington@horrycountyschools.net
Volleyball Rachael Gray rgray002@horrycountyschools.net
Wrestling Jeff Gibbins jgibbins@horrycountyschools.net
coastal leadership.jpeg
3710 Palmetto Pointe Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA 23.6 km

Class A    Region 6



Mascot: Buccaneer
School Colors: Green, Blue and White


Principal Joe Greenberg jgreenberg@coastalleadership.org
Athletic Director Patrick Lewis  plewis@coastalleadership.com
Athletic Secretary
Assistant AD Patrick Lewis  plewis@coastalleadership.com
Basketball, Boys Patrick Lewis plewis@coastalleadership.com
Basketball, Girls
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys Patrick Lewis plewis@coastalleadership.com
Cross Country, Girls Patrick Lewis plewis@coastalleadership.com
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys
Soccer, Girls
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Track/Field, Boys
Track/Field, Girls
Volleyball Kaitlin Burns kburns@coastalleadership.org
carvers bay.jpg
13002 Choppee Road, Hemingway, SC 29554, United States 25.36 km

Class A     Region 4



Mascot: Bears
School Colors: Cardinal Red / Vegas Gold
Principal Larry Odom lodom@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Athletic Director Jeff Mezzatesta jmezzatesta@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Athletic Director Terry Cox tcox@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Assistant AD Donna Owens dbowens@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Athletic Secretary Melissa Grier mgrier@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Baseball Lance McDanel LMcDanel@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Boys Jeff Mezzatesta jmezzatesta@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Basketball, Girls Issiah Tucker itucker@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Cross Country, Boys Jeff Mezzatesta jmezzatesta@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Cross Country, Girls Donna Owens dbowens@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Football Matthew Richard mrichard@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Golf, Boys Mike Tagliente MTagliente@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Golf, Girls Mike Tagliente MTagliente@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Softball Kimberly Baker kbaker@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Tennis, Boys Amy Tanner atanner@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Tennis, Girls Amy Tanner atanner@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Trainer Jada Vanderlip JVanderlip@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Boys Rhett Floyd efloyd@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Track/Field, Girls Jasmine Cobb jcobb@gcsd.k12.sc.us
Volleyball Kimberly Baker kbaker@gcsd.k12.sc.us


151 Sheffield Parkway myrtle beach sc 30.09 km
Mascot: Warriors
School Colors: Black & Gol
Principal Lisa Melchione LMelchione@horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Director Tim Renfrow TRenfrow@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Boys Lorenzo Burgess JGibbins@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Girls Nikki Naccaruto NNaccarato@horrycountyschools.net
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys
Cross Country, Girls
Football Jeff Gibbins JGibbins@horrycountyschools.net
Golf, Boys
Golf, Girls
Lacrosse, Boys
Lacrosse, Girls
Soccer, Boys
Soccer, Girls
Swimming, Boys
Swimming, Girls
Tennis, Boys
Tennis, Girls
Track/Field, Boys
Track/Field, Girls
myrtle beach.jpg
3302 Robert M Grissom Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, United States 32.72 km

Class AAAA      Region 6


Mascot: Seahawks
School Colors: Green / Bright Gold


Principal Kristin Altman   kaltman@horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Director John Cahill   jcahill@horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Secretary Te-Anne Cahill   tcahill@horrycountyschools.net
Assistant AD Daryl Van Dyke   jvandyke@horrycountyschools.net
Baseball Tim Christy   tchristy@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Boys Craig Martin   cmartin001@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Girls Jennifer Dennison   jenniferdennison23@yahoo.com
Competitive Cheer Betsi Taylor   btyalor@horrycountyschools.net
Cross Country, Boys Ryan Caputo   coachryancaputo@gmail.com
Cross Country, Girls Meredith Jiorle   mjiorle@horrycountyschools.net
Football Mickey Wilson   mwilson@horrycountyschools.net
Golf, Boys Lowell Counce   ndngolf1@sccoast.net
Golf, Girls Lowell Counce   ndngolf1@sccoast.net
Lacrosse, Boys Vince Keene   rvksol@hotmail.com
Lacrosse, Girls April Armstrong   armstronga203@strose.edu
Soccer, Boys Jason Himmelsbach   jason@glensgolfgroup.com
Soccer, Girls Blaire Muellar   blairm@sparkstoyota.com
Softball Meredith Jiorle   mjiorle@horrycountyschools.net
Swimming, Boys Katie Detcliff   katherinedettflaff@gmail.com
Swimming, Girls Kaitlyn Earnest   kaitlynearnest@hotmail.com
Tennis, Boys Matthew Adzema   madzema@horrycountyschools.net
Tennis, Girls Matthew Adzema   madzema@horrycountyschools.net
Trainer Andrea Owens   aowens@horrycountyschools.net
Track/Field, Boys Ryan Caputo   coachryancaputo@gmail.com
Track/Field, Girls Leandra Walcott   lwalcott@horrycountyschools.net
Volleyball Alyssa Hunter   adstinne@coastal.edu
Wrestling Brandon Feix   brandon.feix@gmail.com
Carolina Forest NEW.png
700 Gardner Lacy Road, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579, United States 33.92 km

Class AAAAA     Region 6



Mascot: Panthers
School Colors: Cardinal / Black / White



Principal Gaye Driggers   gdriggers@horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Director Tripp Satterwhite   tsatterwhite@g.horrycountyschools.net
Athletic Secretary Tracy McClellan   tmcclellan@horrycountyschools.net
Assistant AD      
Baseball Joey Worley   jworley@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Boys Emmanuel DeWalt   edewalt@horrycountyschools.net
Basketball, Girls Stacy Hughes   shughes@horrycountyschools.net
Competitive Cheer Johnnie Neal   coachjohnnieneal@gmail.com
Cross Country, Boys Jesse Patrick   jpatrick@horrycountyschools.net
Cross Country, Girls Jaimelyn Marvulli   jmarvulli@horrycountyschools.net
Football Marc Morris   mmorris002@horrycountyschools.net
Golf, Boys Mike Gray   mikesgolf1023@msn.com
Golf, Girls Mike Gray   mikesgolf1023@msn.com
Lacrosse, Boys Ryan Gross   bbgiants1@gmail.com
Lacrosse, Girls Beth Williams   cfhslaxgirls@gmail.com
Soccer, Boys Eugene Dougherty   edougherty@horrycountyschools.net
Soccer, Girls Will Hall   whall@horrycountyschools.net
Softball Nichole David   ndavid@horrycountyschools.net
Swimming, Boys Michelle Barnhill   mbarnhill@ripleys.com
Swimming, Girls Jeff Goodman   jgoodman@horrycountyschools.net
Tennis, Boys Mark Schminke   markschminke@gmail.com
Tennis, Girls Mark Schminke   markschminke@gmail.com
Trainer Kary Anne Chiarizio   kchiarizio@horrycountyschools.net
Track/Field, Boys Jesse Patrick   jpatrick@horrycountyschools.net
Track/Field, Girls Jesse Patrick   jpatrick@horrycountyschools.net
Volleyball Connor Cooper   ccooper001@horrycountyschools.net
Wrestling Forest Blake   hblake@horrycountyschools.net


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