wade hampton.jpg
100 Pine Knoll Drive, Greenville, SC 29609, United States

Class AAAAA      Region 2



Mascot: Generals
School Colors: Red / Gray


Principal Dr. Carlos Grant
Athletic Director Reggie Choplin   rchoplin@greenville.k12.s.cus
Athletic Secretary Anne Peterson
Assistant AD Abby Cook,

Travis Miller


Baseball Matt Large
Basketball, Boys Reggie Choplin
Basketball, Girls Eric Burrow
Competitive Cheer Hannah Bryant
Cross Country, Boys Rick Zeller
Cross Country, Girls Rick Zeller
Football Travis Miller
Golf, Boys Zach McCrary
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys Matthew Barstow
Lacrosse, Girls Sydney Line
Soccer, Boys Bret Baker
Soccer, Girls PJ Mancuso
Softball Deanna Faircloth
Swimming, Boys Heather Nelson
Swimming, Girls Bekki Benjamin
Tennis, Boys Bryce Staggs
Tennis, Girls Bryce Staggs
Trainer Nathan Scoggins
Track/Field, Boys Rick Zeller
Track/Field, Girls Jim Hendricks
Volleyball Grant Hunter
Wrestling Conor Caffrey
Boiling Springs.JPG
2251 Old Furnace Road, Boiling Springs, SC 29316, United States

Class AAAAA     Region 3

Mascot: Bulldogs
School Colors: Red, Black, White


Principal Chuck Gordon
Athletic Director Hal McManus
Athletic Secretary Leslie Delozier
Assistant AD John David Goodwin
Baseball Jeff Lipscomb
Basketball, Boys Hal McManus
Basketball, Girls Dwayne Lytle
Competitive Cheer Katie Towery
Cross Country, Boys Caleb Weathers
Cross Country, Girls Greg Moore
Football, AAD Rick Tate
Golf, Boys Josh Pruitt
Golf, Girls Macy Tate
Lacrosse, Boys Justin Mills
Lacrosse, Girls Michelle Lockwood
Soccer, Boys Jack Underwood
Soccer, Girls Jonathan Burnett
Softball Randy Piazza
Swimming, Boys Lanie Peden
Swimming, Girls Lanie Peden
Tennis, Boys Caleb Weathers
Tennis, Girls Jill Cooke
Trainer Laurie James
Track/Field, Boys Wenzler Butler
Track/Field, Girls Wenzler Butler
Volleyball Allyson Elliott
Wrestling Lee Thomas
byrnes 2.jpg
150 East Main Street, Duncan, SC 29334, United States

Class AAAAA      Region 2



Mascot: Rebel
School Colors: Royal Blue & Gray


Principal Todd Hardy
Athletic Director Tony Gillespie
Athletic Secretary Pam Gregory
Assistant AD Reggie Shaw
Baseball Michael Maus
Basketball, Boys Layne Fowler
Basketball, Girls Missy Fowler
Competitive Cheer Erika Rodgers
Cross Country, Boys Kevin Wyatt
Cross Country, Girls Kevin Wyatt
Football Reggie Shaw    
Golf, Boys Mickey Deering
Golf, Girls Arthur Brooks
Lacrosse, Boys Frank Quaranta
Lacrosse, Girls Siobhan Ragan
Soccer, Boys Josh Gutierrez
Soccer, Girls Fernando Gomez
Softball Brandi Aiken
Swimming, Boys Sarah Assey
Swimming, Girls Sarah Assey
Tennis, Boys Bethany Poppe
Tennis, Girls Bethany Poppe
Trainer Brad Sain
Track/Field, Boys Clayton Worthy
Track/Field, Girls Clayton Worthy
Volleyball James Woods
Wrestling Russ Howard


1050 Cavalier Way, Roebuck, SC 29376, United States

Class AAAAA     Region 2



Mascot: Cavalier
School Colors: Navy, White & Columbia Blue
Principal Bryant Roberson
Athletic Director Flynn Harrell
Athletic Secretary Letitia Neuder
Assistant AD Paula Kirkland
Baseball Jack Jolly
Basketball, Boys Thomas Ryan
Basketball, Girls Valorie Whiteside
Competitive Cheer Ashley Patrick Brown
Cross Country, Boys Jeff Buys
Cross Country, Girls Jerry Kimbrell
Football David Gutshall
Golf, Boys Kurt Owings
Golf, Girls Lewis Terry
Lacrosse, Boys Peter Mezzanotte
Lacrosse, Girls Ashley Hyjek
Soccer, Boys Josh Eskew
Soccer, Girls Josef Lorenz
Softball Kim Hames
Swimming, Boys Amy Bailey
Swimming, Girls Amy Bailey
Tennis, Boys Sam Napier
Tennis, Girls Pallavi Kumar
Trainer Michael Sobeski
Track/Field, Boys Jeff Johns
Track/Field, Girls Stephanye McCarroll
Volleyball Paula Kirkland
Wrestling Chad Singleton
Gaffney logo.jpg
149 Twin Lake Road, Gaffney, SC 29340, United States

Class AAAAA       Region 2



Mascot: Indians
School Colors: Vegas Gold and Black
Principal Erik Gerstenacker
Athletic Director Dan Jones
Athletic Secretary Barbara Turney
Assistant AD Cindy Gallman
Baseball Jeff Osment
Basketball, Boys Phillip McHam
Basketball, Girls Susan Wade
Competitive Cheer Bailey Frye
Cross Country, Boys
Cross Country, Girls
Football Dan Jones
Golf, Boys Brandon Coggins
Golf, Girls Jack Key
Lacrosse, Boys No team
Lacrosse, Girls No team
Soccer, Boys Scott Simmons
Soccer, Girls Lauren Lanham
Softball Kelly Ellis
Swimming, Boys Daniel Foster
Swimming, Girls Daniel Foster
Tennis, Boys Will Coggins
Tennis, Girls Rick Hopping
Trainer Siara Washington
Track/Field, Boys Eric Agnew
Track/Field, Girls Eric Agnew
Volleyball Tori Bush
Wrestling Daniel Grellman
2250 E. Main St. Spartanburg, SC 29307

Class AAAAA  Region 2



Mascot: Vikings
School Colors: Navy & Gold


Principal Vance Jones
Athletic Director Todd Staley
Athletic Secretary Dana Mason
Assistant AD Susan Tate                         Mike West
Baseball Wes Brown
Basketball, Boys Fred Ford
Basketball, Girls Sharon Dillon
Competitive Cheer Amirea Wilkins
Cross Country, Boys Jack Todd
Cross Country, Girls Jack Todd
Football Mark Hodge
Golf, Boys Todd White
Golf, Girls Todd White
Lacrosse, Boys Nick Plaisted
Lacrosse, Girls Kelly Isaman
Soccer, Boys Kevin Brabham
Soccer, Girls Cory Junker
Softball Jeremy Dunlap
Swimming, Boys Johnna Edwards
Swimming, Girls Johnna Edwards
Tennis, Boys Todd Seagle
Tennis, Girls Todd Seagle
Trainer April Taylor
Track/Field, Boys Kevin Coleman
Track/Field, Girls Audril Jones
Volleyball Deloris Culbertson
Wrestling Gerard Gauthier
1625 State Highway 55, Clover, SC 29710, United States

Class AAAAA Region 3



Mascot: Blue Eagles
School Colors: Navy Blue / Gray /  White


Principal Rod Ruth
Athletic Director Bailey Jackson
Athletic Secretary TBA    
Assistant AD Dudley Lybrand, Brian Lane
Baseball Hank Wofford
Basketball, Boys Bailey Jackson
Basketball, Girls Sherer Hopkins
Competitive Cheer Hannah Goolsby
Cross Country, Boys Chelsea Hartzman
Cross Country, Girls Chelsea Hartzman
Football Brian Lane
Golf, Boys TBA    
Golf, Girls John Cox
Lacrosse, Boys Jay Hartnett
Lacrosse, Girls Matt Lindner
Soccer, Boys Graham Stafford
Soccer, Girls Kelsey Black
Softball Shea Hall
Swimming, Boys Katie Wright
Swimming, Girls Katie Wright
Tennis, Boys TBA    
Tennis, Girls Paul Daigle
Trainer Kim Bressler, Matt Bressler,

Henry Spruill, Katherine Kiser
Track/Field, Boys John Albrecht
Track/Field, Girls John Albrecht
Volleyball Karen Schmolze
Wrestling Michael Fitzgerald


fort mill.jpg
215 North Highway 21 BP, Fort Mill 29715

Class AAAAA   Region 3



Mascot: Yellow Jacket
School Colors: Royal Blue / Yellow Gold


Principal Gales Scroggs
Athletic Director Dwayne Hartsoe
Athletic Secretary Susan Woodson
Assistant AD      
Baseball Travis Collier
Basketball, Boys Dwayne Hartsoe
Basketball, Girls Heather Klipa
Competitive Cheer Haleigh Strayer
Cross Country, Boys Lee Whitaker
Cross Country, Girls Joelle Brotemarkle
Football Rob McNeely
Golf, Boys Judd Dye
Golf, Girls Judd Dye
Lacrosse, Boys Michael Desmond
Lacrosse, Girls Kirsten Terry
Soccer, Boys Mark Seren
Soccer, Girls Joelle Brotemarkle
Softball Chuck Stegall
Swimming, Boys Cindy VanBuskirk
Swimming, Girls Cindy VanBuskirk
Tennis, Boys Willie Ware
Tennis, Girls Angela Struve
Trainer Molly Harris
Track/Field, Boys Frank Ambrose
Track/Field, Girls Frank Ambrose
Volleyball Kelly Jones
Wrestling Chris Brock
nation ford.jpg
1400 A O Jones Blvd, Fort Mill, SC 29715, United States

Class AAAAA   Region 3



Mascot: Falcons
School Colors: Red / Black / Silver


Principal Jason Johns
Athletic Director James Shackleford
Athletic Secretary Jill Peek
Assistant AD
Baseball Michael Lewis
Basketball, Boys Jared Adamson
Basketball, Girls Coretta Richmond
Competitive Cheer Meagan Bivins
Cross Country, Boys Jacob Brenner
Cross Country, Girls Jacob Brenner
Football Michael Allen
Golf, Boys Matthew Savage
Golf, Girls Matthew Savage
Lacrosse, Boys John Tauzin
Lacrosse, Girls Kristine Schmidt
Soccer, Boys Kenny Halas
Soccer, Girls Christopher Dundr
Softball Craig Brown
Swimming, Boys Lori Glasco
Swimming, Girls Lori Glasco
Tennis, Boys Neil Sheehan
Tennis, Girls Lindsay Gregory
Track/Field, Boys Jacob Brenner
Track/Field, Girls Jacob Brenner
Volleyball Carrie Christian
Wrestling Dan Snell


northwesern 2.png
2503 West Main Street, Rock Hill, SC 29732, United States

Class AAAAA     Region 4



Mascot: Trojans
School Colors: Purple / Gold


Principal Hezekiah Massey
Athletic Director Jimmy Duncan
Athletic Secretary Kim Parrish
Assistant AD Page Wofford; Tom Sparks

Baseball Ryan Hunt
Basketball, Boys John Bramlett
Basketball, Girls ShaRon Robertson
Competitive Cheer Morgan Butler
Cross Country, Boys Calvin Hudgins
Cross Country, Girls Calvin Hudgins
Football Page Wofford
Golf, Boys David Rector
Golf, Girls David Rector
Lacrosse, Boys NA
Lacrosse, Girls NA
Soccer, Boys Dom Wren
Soccer, Girls Jason Mouzon
Softball Andy White
Swimming, Boys Bridget Baker
Swimming, Girls Bridget Baker
Tennis, Boys Tim Hartis
Tennis, Girls Tim Hartis
Trainer Laura Wilson
Track/Field, Boys Calvin Hudgins
Track/Field, Girls Calvin Hudgins
Volleyball Hunter Moxley
Wrestling Leon Boulware


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