Emergency Action Plan

An EAP is a written document that identifies the people involved in providing emergency care and the procedures they are to follow when those emergencies occur.

  1. All schools must have a written Emergency Action Plan (EAP) on file for all teams/venues.
    (a)  The EAP must be posted at each athletic venue. (b)  The EAP should be reviewed by the administration, athletic director
    •   and athletic trainer on an annual basis.
      (c)  The SCHSL recommends that gameday administrators, officials,
    •           athletic trainers and other pertinent school personnel meet prior to  
    •           any contest to review the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Note:  Each site must have a separate EAP.  For instance:  If soccer practices at a practice field and plays games at the stadium, there must be a separate EAP for both locations.

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