Certification/Recertification Application Instructions

Certification renewal is taking 6-8 weeks to complete.  We want to help you with the process.  

First Step is to be patient.  Second Step is to read this entire message before attempting anything. 

  1. On the DHEC website (https://scdhec.gov/) search Athletic Trainer
  2. Next Click Athletic Trainer Certification Verification
  • If you are RENEWING DO NOT create a new profile. Please email atcerts@dhec.sc.gov for your user ID if you do not know it. 
  • If you are a NEW USER to the Image trend system, you will need to create an account. Contact atcerts@dhec.sc.gov for assistance.
  • All current SCATs are in the Image trend system.

Once you have uploaded all the information and submitted your application, you will receive an email stating your application has been received.  Do nothing.  

Wait until you receive your invoice and payment instructions in a separate email.  The invoice will be at the very bottom of the email, and you will need information from the invoice to be able to make payment electronically.

Please make no fee payments until you have received your fee invoice and payment instructions from DHEC (atcerts@dhec.sc.gov)

Credit/Debit cards are accepted and speed the process along.  

Sending a check by mail will slow the process dramatically.

After sending your receipt to atcerts@dhec.sc.gov you will then wait until you receive notice that your application has been approved.  The date for your next renewal may be incorrect.  Your renewal date remains the original date of your renewal.  SC DHEC will manually go back in the system and make the change to your renewal date to correct it.

Contact  atcerts@dhec.sc.gov for any questions about the electronic certification applications or online fee payments. 

The SC DHEC Athletic Trainers’ Advisory Committee is working with the Division of Hospitals and Professionals to improve the process.  We have plans to move to a new computer program in the future.  Progress is painfully slow.

We would appreciate your input as to what you are experiencing when trying to renew your certification.  We will use the information obtained to try to improve the process.  

Please send your input to kevin.ennis@rocketmail.com


Kevin Ennis

Kevin U. Ennis, MAEd, SCAT, ATC, AFO

Vice Chair SC DHEC Athletic Trainers’ Advisory Committee 

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