2023-24 Wrestling Championships

Individual:February 23, 24
Location:Anderson Sports & Entertainment Center
3027 MLK Jr. Blvd. (formerly Mall Road)
Anderson SC 29625
Tickets:Cost: $6.00 Friday and $8.00 Saturday, CASH ONLY!!!
Entry Fee:$25 per qualifier ($250 max) per boys checks made payable to
SCHSL $25 per qualifier($250 max) per girls checks made payable to SCHSL
Schedule:Friday’s Schedule: 
Weigh in:
8:00 AM Class 4A;
12:30 PM Class 5A 
9:30 AM Class 3A
2:00 PM Class Girls 
11:00 AM Class 1A/A 
Session 1- Quarterfinals 
 9:00 AM Class 4A 
10:30 AM Class 3A
1:30 PM Class 5A 
12:00 PM Class 1A2A
3:00 PM Girls start at 102
Session 2: Semi-finals
5:00 Girls and All Classes Boys 
Lowest weights will run first (Girls 102 Boys 106) across all classes then work up by weight  class 

Saturday’s Schedule: 
Weigh-in: 8:00 AM for ALL classes 
Session 3- Consolation Rounds 
9:00 AM Boys and Girls 
12:00 AM Same for Consolation Semi-Finals 
2:00 PM Same for Consolation Finals 
Session 4: Championship Finals 
3:30 Girls final on all 4 mats 
1A/2A on mat 1
4A on mat 2
5A on mat 3
3A on mat 4
Awards will be presented after 113 lb is completed 
Finals will be: 1A/2A top left, 3A top right, 4A bottom left, 5A bottom right.

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