By Tammie Newman

August 2021 

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Tammie Newman @tammiesnewman

With the zest of a middle schooler sporting new bangs and the giddiness of a first day kindergarten teacher, we have entered August 2021. The month we waited for since our last trophy was ceremoniously handed over in May. What a perfect time to be in education?! Right??? 

As luck would have it, we find ourselves dealing with a second round of playof s against the virus that won’t go away. Normally, you respect a tough opponent; however, this time- we need it to exit stage left, ASAP! 

I committed to dropping my use of the“C”word early spring- said I would not use it anymore- I was OVER it! Just as I was washing, drying, and ironing my 20+ seasonal, handmade masks (thanks to Pat Madison) prepping them for their final resting place in my 2020 shadow box- BAM!!!! Not so fast! We are reminded Delta is more than an airline. 

How I had hoped my first “Make a Long Story Sport” blog for 2021-22 would be focused on social media advancements or tricks for a multi-tasker to succeed in high school, yet here I am having to put fingers to sanitized keyboard to express my disdain for what students, teachers, fans, communities, and the world is facing – another version of the virus.

State and worldwide changes are happening as I type this wave of thoughts with more changes occurring after I hit SEND. What I wish to share more than anything is advice. Please use your 2020-21 experiences to succeed in 2021-22. Sounds simple. It can be IF you put into practice the lessons learned since the start of the virus last year.

Be the best YOU possible. Do not allow the wrong emotions to expedite your next word or action/lack of action.

Tammie Newman

Remember all the things you learned while your lifestyle was upended March 2020? Put that mental strength and emotional sass to work early this school year to counteract the altered rules, tweaked policies surrounding you and your family. We all said we would quarantine much better had we known. Welp, we know better now and should be equipped for anything that comes our way. It’s not a perfect ‘back to school’situation as we are eager to experience some 2019 vibes, but we know how to maneuver our way thru virus protocols should the most stringent come into play. 

Before you allow your immediate emotional reflex to overcome you, PAUSE -think of the multitude of strides made in less than a year to counteract the virus, by everyone. Put that divine energy into the safety and well-being of your family and those around you. I won’t lecture or regale the cautionary measures you are hearing and seeing at every turn. You know and perfected them.

Be the best YOU possible. Do not allow the wrong emotions to expedite your next word or action/lack of action. The challenge is here, and we must meet it head on. Either with balled fist, unproductive words, and pulsing temples or with fresh perspective, reflection, and appropriate action. I for one believe in you, my home state, and my experience to get beyond this round of the variant. Local, state, and national EMS, DHEC, CDC professionals are providing information, instruction, and advice to prevent the spread of the virus. We must do our part. 

No truer words were ever spoken… To change Everything, it takes Everyone. We got this! #WeAreSCHSL

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