Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

To participate in interscholastic activities, students in grades nine through twelve must achieve an overall passing average and either:

  1. Pass at least four academic courses, including each unit the student takes that is required for graduation.

The required courses are as followed:

  • English/Language Arts 4 Units.
  • U.S. History and Constitution 1 Unit.
  • Economics (1/2 Unit), Government (1/2 Unit) 1 Unit.
  • Other Social Studies 1 Unit.
  • Mathematics 4 Units.
  • Science 3 Units.
  • Physical Education or ROTC 1 Unit.
  • Computer Science (Including Keyboarding) 1 Unit.
  • Foreign Language/CATE 1 Unit.


  1. Pass a total of five academic courses.

Students must satisfy these conditions in the semester preceding participation in the interscholastic activity, if the interscholastic activity occurs completely within one semester or in the semester preceding the first semester of participation in an interscholastic activity if the interscholastic activity occurs over two consecutive semesters and is under the jurisdiction of the South Carolina High School League.

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