Stratford High School

951 Crowfield Boulevard, Goose Creek, SC 29445, United States
951 Crowfield Boulevard Goose Creek South Carolina 29445 US

Class AAAAA     Region 7



Mascot: Knights
School Colors: Scarlet / Black / White


Principal Heather Taylor
Athletic Director John Chalus
Athletic Secretary Pattie Drew
Assistant AD NA    
Baseball Brandon Beckman
Basketball, Boys Michael Jenkins
Basketball, Girls Kelly McNeil
Competitive Cheer Melissa Cribb
Cross Country, Boys Connor Roudabush
Cross Country, Girls Kyle Able
Football Dennie McDaniel
Golf, Boys James Cate
Golf, Girls James Cate
Lacrosse, Boys NA    
Lacrosse, Girls NA    
Soccer, Boys Jessie Stament
Soccer, Girls Amanda Holcomb
Softball Ashton Revan
Swimming, Boys Andy McBride
Swimming, Girls Andy McBride
Tennis, Boys Daniel Ellis
Tennis, Girls Daniel Ellis
Trainer Michael Ryan
Track/Field, Boys Stevan Harris
Track/Field, Girls Camille Tolliver
Volleyball Aaron Tuuk
Wrestling Willie Nearhood
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north charleston.jpg
1087 East Montague Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405, United States 17.86 km

Class AAA     Region 8



Mascot: Cougars
School Colors: Royal Blue / Athletic Gold
Principal Henry Darby
Athletic Director Raymond Knauer
Athletic Secretary      
Assistant AD TBD    
Baseball Joseph Tronco
Basketball, Boys Christopher Brown
Basketball, Girls Haley Weed
Competitive Cheer Megan Barbee
Cross Country, Boys Raymond Knauer
Cross Country, Girls Raymond Knauer
Football Devon Smalls
Golf, Boys      
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys TBD    
Soccer, Girls TBD    
Softball Bonnie Branch
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Trainer Jaclyn Cachiaras
Track/Field, Boys Rodney Murphy
Track/Field, Girls Danielle Davis
Volleyball TBD    
Wrestling Tom Ferraro


2950 Carner Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405, United States 21.26 km

Class A     Region  7



Mascot: Eagles
School Colors: Red / White


Principal Robert Perrineau
Athletic Director Harold Ross
Athletic Secretary Ebony Shaw
Assistant AD      
Baseball Harold Ross
Basketball, Boys Alex Simmons
Basketball, Girls Nathaniel Taylor
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Mark Vonallmen
Cross Country, Girls Dawneen Zabinske-Smith
Football Alvarez Pringlew
Golf, Boys      
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Jerry White
Soccer, Girls      
Softball Luis Hernandez
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Trainer Robert Hedstrom
Track/Field, Boys Mark Vonallmen
Track/Field, Girls Dawneen Zabinske-Smith
Volleyball Luis Hernandez
Wrestling Brendan McCann


406 West Main Street, Moncks Corner, SC 29461, United States 21.69 km

Class AAAAA      Region 7



Mascot: Stags
School Colors: Royal Blue / Vegas Gold


Principal Steven Steele
Athletic Director Katherine Butcher
Athletic Secretary N/A    
Assistant AD Brian Welch
Baseball Landy Cox
Basketball, Boys Joe Wallace
Basketball, Girls Crystal Peace
Competitive Cheer Missy Loftis
Cross Country, Boys Melissa Hicks
Cross Country, Girls Melissa Hicks
Football Randy Robinson
Golf, Boys Mike Eubinag
Golf, Girls TBD    
Lacrosse, Boys N/A    
Lacrosse, Girls N/A    
Soccer, Boys Kristopher Wilbur
Soccer, Girls Will Chassereau
Softball Kelly Dillon
Swimming, Boys Melissa Ray
Swimming, Girls Melissa Ray
Tennis, Boys Tyler Dawson
Tennis, Girls Joe Harnage
Trainer Taylor Cleeve /Marlin Brown /
Track/Field, Boys Jerrodd Williams
Track/Field, Girls LeAnna Morrison
Volleyball Courtney Simmons
Wrestling Greg Hutchison


west ash.png
4060 Wildcat Boulevard, Charleston, SC 29414, United States 21.76 km

Class AAAAA     Region 8



Mascot: Wildcats
School Colors: Purple / Black / Silver
Principal Ryan Cumback
Athletic Director Jeff Fipps
Athletic Secretary      
Assistant AD Douglas O’Donald   douglas_o’
Baseball Tyson Azevedo
Basketball, Boys Ronnie Dupre
Basketball, Girls Mitch White
Competitive Cheer Kelly LaCock
Cross Country, Boys Travis Dowdy
Cross Country, Girls Travis Dowdy
Football Donnie Kiefer
Golf, Boys Patrick Ging
Golf, Girls Jenna Taylor
Lacrosse, Boys N/A    
Lacrosse, Girls N/A    
Soccer, Boys John Teller
Soccer, Girls Edward Leibe
Softball Tiffany Johnson Gunn
Swimming, Boys Bradley Blake
Swimming, Girls Bradley Blake
Tennis, Boys Matthew Nuccio
Tennis, Girls Jaime Kennedy
Trainer Kyle Protho
Track/Field, Boys Douglas O’Donald   douglas_o’
Track/Field, Girls Chris Price
Volleyball Katie Denton
Wrestling Shaquille Hilton


3080 River Village Drive, Charleston, sc 29492 24.38 km

Class AA      Region 6



Mascot: Iron Horses
School Colors: Purple / Gray / White / Black


Principal Chris Buchholz
Athletic Director Dan Minkin
Athletic Secretary Diane Moore-Hazlett
Athletic Secretary

Assistant AD

Anne Magill Payne

Eric Bendig

Baseball Josh Kubisz
Basketball, Boys Garrett Campbell
Basketball, Girls Dustin Williams
Competitive Cheer Ellyn Bowen
Cross Country, Boys Josh Michael
Cross Country, Girls Josh Michael
Football Eric Bendig
Golf, Boys Ashley Harvey
Golf, Girls N/A
Lacrosse, Boys N/A
Lacrosse, Girls Beth Smiley
Soccer, Boys Evan Thornton
Soccer, Girls Jay Watterworth
Softball Tba
Swimming, Boys N/A
Swimming, Girls N/A
Tennis, Boys Richard Schulz
Tennis, Girls Richard Schulz
Trainer Allison Kunze
Track/Field, Boys William Muhn
Track/Field, Girls William Muhn
Volleyball Jay Watterworth
Wrestling Anthony Sardelli


st johns.jpg
1518 Old Main Road, Johns Island, SC 29455, United States 24.57 km

Class A     Region 7



Mascot: Islanders
School Colors: Royal Blue / Cardinal


Principal Steve Larson
Athletic Director Kevin Hammack
Athletic Secretary N/A    
Assistant AD      
Basketball, Boys Kevin Hammack
Basketball, Girls David Campbell
Competitive Cheer N/A    
Cross Country, Boys N/A    
Cross Country, Girls Clarence Rattley
Football Mikel Howard
Golf, Boys N/A    
Golf, Girls N/A    
Lacrosse, Boys N/A    
Lacrosse, Girls N/A    
Soccer, Boys Robert Smith
Soccer, Girls N/A    
Softball Kaytie Wilson
Swimming, Boys N/A    
Swimming, Girls N/A    
Tennis, Boys N/A    
Tennis, Girls N/A    
Trainer Adam Mutz
Track/Field, Boys Steven Jeffcoat
Track/Field, Girls Clarence Rattley
Volleyball TBD    
Wrestling Kevin Bayer
char math & science.jpg
1002 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403, United States 26.65 km

Class A     Region 7



Mascot: Riptide
School Colors: Blue / Red / White


Principal Melissa Frasier
Athletic Director Marc A. Klatt
Athletic Secretary Kelly Ferderigos
Assistant AD Lakyn Traquair
Baseball Worth Smith
Basketball, Boys Ryan Smith
Basketball, Girls Andrea Fox
Competitive Cheer N/A N/A
Cross Country, Boys Chad Bond
Cross Country, Girls Chad Bond
Football Marc A. Klatt
Golf, Boys N/A N/A
Golf, Girls N/A N/A
Lacrosse, Boys N/A N/A
Lacrosse, Girls N/A N/A
Soccer, Boys Austin Lassiter
Soccer, Girls Ashley Peele
Softball Lakyn Traquair
Swimming, Boys Anne Foreman
Swimming, Girls Anne Foreman
Tennis, Boys N/A N/A
Tennis, Girls N/A N/A
Trainer Ethan Konoza
Track/Field, Boys N/A N/A
Track/Field, Girls N/A N/A
Volleyball Jorge Orozco
Wrestling N/A N/A
244 President Street, Charleston, SC 29403, United States 27.44 km

Class AA     Region 6



Mascot: Bulldogs
School Colors: Royal Blue & White
Principal Cheryl Swinton
Athletic Director Deon Richardson
Athletic Secretary D’anna Frasier
Assistant AD Anthony Sterling
Baseball Delonza Simmons
Basketball, Boys Deon Richardson
Basketball, Girls Vacant    
Competitive Cheer Alaina Brown
Cross Country, Boys      
Cross Country, Girls      
Football Anthony Sterling
Golf, Boys      
Golf, Girls      
Lacrosse, Boys      
Lacrosse, Girls      
Soccer, Boys Sukil Yom
Soccer, Girls      
Softball Karen Thompson
Swimming, Boys      
Swimming, Girls      
Tennis, Boys      
Tennis, Girls      
Trainer Laurel Hellake
Track/Field, Boys Gregory Gibbs
Track/Field, Girls Leilani Worrell
Volleyball Hailey Vinchiarello
Wrestling Daniel Ryan


580 Faison Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466, USA 31.95 km

Class AAA      Region 8



Mascot: Landsharks
School Colors: Blue / White


Principal Brenda Corley
Athletic Director Mark Meyer
Athletic Secretary Murray Meyer
Athletic Secretary Wylie McCall
Assistant AD Joe Call
Baseball Jerry Stoots
Basketball, Boys Quinton Hollis
Basketball, Girls Mandy Harrison
Competitive Cheer      
Cross Country, Boys Marie Domin
Cross Country, Girls Marie Domin
Football Joe Call
Golf, Boys Billy Ross
Golf, Girls Billy Ross
Lacrosse, Boys Tom Harris
Lacrosse, Girls Holly Bronco
Soccer, Boys Andre Berenzon
Soccer, Girls Mark Meyer
Softball Ken Oh
Swimming, Boys Courtney Beauch
Swimming, Girls Courtney Beauch
Tennis, Boys Phil Whitesell
Tennis, Girls Phil Whitesell
Trainer Scott Yurcisin
Track/Field, Boys      
Track/Field, Girls      
Volleyball Amir Khaledi


bishop england.jpg
363 Seven Farms Drive, Charleston, SC 29492, United States 32.52 km

Class AAA   Region 8



Mascot: Battling Bishops
School Colors: Kelly Green / White


Principal Patrick Finneran
Athletic Director Paul Runey
Athletic Secretary Austin wall
Assistant AD Mike Darnell
Baseball Mike Darnell
Basketball, Boys Brian Grevey
Basketball, Girls Paul Runey
Competitive Cheer
Cross Country, Boys Tony Colizzi
Cross Country, Girls Tony Colizzi
Football John Cantey
Golf, Boys Jeff Burton
Golf, Girls Sarah Allen
Lacrosse, Boys Tyler Tracy
Lacrosse, Girls Jeff Weiner
Soccer, Boys Ed Khouri
Soccer, Girls Dave Snyder
Softball Chris Cusack
Swimming, Boys Rose VanMetre
Swimming, Girls Rose VanMetre
Tennis, Boys Kristin Arnold
Tennis, Girls Kristin Arnold
Trainer Heather Bellin
Track/Field, Boys Tony Colizzi
Track/Field, Girls Tony Colizzi
Volleyball Cindy Baggott
Wrestling Paul Spence
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