Spotlight on positive behavior

Romanda Noble-Watson
Director of Communications and Public Relations
South Carolina High School League

Something to Think About is a periodic excerpt from the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) Communications & Public Relations Department. Something to Think About is found under the Communications Link on the SCHSL website,

The first excerpt focuses on the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and SCHSL joint Bench Bad Behavior Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to put a spotlight on promoting positive behavior in coaches, student-athletes, and fans. As such, the League has adopted the hashtag #BenchBadBehavior.


Are you a fan who coaches from the stands?

Do you yell at the officials throughout the contest?

Well, the effect is greater than you may think. Your actions not only have a negative effect on the flow and the integrity of the game but more importantly can have an adverse effect or even embarrass the student-athlete you are there to support. 

So, as you attend SCHSL athletic events, let your focus be on promoting positive behavior towards coaches, student-athletes, officials, and other fans. Please view the three educational videos below that are geared towards helping guide parents (and fans) to Benching Bad Behavior.

Remember, in educational-based athletics, every moment is a teachable moment.

The Parent Seat

The Parent Seat: Beyond the Scoreboard

The Parent Seat: A Lasting Relationship

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