Watch out for social media scams

Romanda Noble-Watson
Director of Communications and Public Relations
South Carolina High School League

Something to Think About is a periodic column from the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) Communications & Public Relations Department. It can be found under the Communications Link on the SCHSL website,

This week’s column focuses on the New Year and revisits the NON-OFFICIAL SCHSL social media pages and game networks.  

In the New Year, let us evaluate last year, paying close attention to those things we wanted to accomplish last year but ran out of time. It is never too late to pick up where you left off and keep pressing forward. We often say, “I wish I could have finished that project.” What’s stopping you from finishing it? Instead of throwing it out, revamp it to fit the New Year and press on.

Something else that needs revisiting in the New Year is the multiple non-official SCHSL social media pages using the SCHSL Logo, especially on Instagram.

In addition, the SCHSL has only ONE official network that broadcasts its games, In the event you receive an email or social media graphic with the opportunity to order a game from one of the fake pages offers, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK, it is a scam that aims at getting your credit card information.

When in doubt, reach out to, for verification.

Finally, I have listed below the official social media pages for the SCHSL. All other pages using the SCHSL logo or anything similar are unofficial, and the South Carolina High School League highly suggests unfollowing and discourages following them. 

Please note, SCHSL uses as the profile picture on its official Facebook, official and Twitter (X) page and Instagram uses as the profile picture on the SCHSL official page.

Below are the ONLY OFFICIAL social media handles for the SCHSL.         



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