Student-Athlete Advisory Council meets at SCHSL

Welcome our new 2024 Student-Athlete Advisory Council. 

On February 8, 2024 the League hosted our first in-person meeting with the 2024 SAAC members. Council members and a chaperone, were invited to the league for a 3-hour meeting/conference to address topics that affect our student-athletes of today.

In the meeting, we discussed ways to use your influence. Our leaders of tomorrow came to the league with their A-game!

The council members are full of leadership qualities and showed it throughout the meeting. One of the highlights of our time together were the videos created by student-athletes on the topic of  “What does Sportsmanship mean to me?”

The videos were thought provoking and very empowering. We really got a chance to hear from the perspective of the student-athlete. Our hope with this council is to connect and learn. The goal of this year is to encourage student-athletes to use their influence to promote leadership, sportsmanship, and community service.

Congratulations to our leaders of tomorrow.

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