April 14-20 Spring Sports Officials’ Appreciation Week

April 14-20 is Spring Sports Officials’ Appreciation Week. Officials work to maintain the integrity of the sports they officiate and ensure student-athletes have a safe environment to play in. Without our officials, our student-athletes would not be able to enjoy the sports they love, so show your appreciation to the unsung heroes of interscholastic contests.

Participation in Spring Sports Officials’ Appreciation Week can be as simple, or as extravagant as you want it to be. You can get your teams and student groups on campus to get involved. It is a great community project for student groups. A few ideas that you can use for Spring Sports Officials’ Appreciation Week are below.

1.       Officials’ appreciation week banners and signage on the fence, wall, etc., surrounding the contest playing area.

2.       Gift cards/cookies/donuts/other items presented to the crew by both the home and visiting team.

3.       Photos of the officiating crew with both teams and coaches prior to the start of the game (or at the end, depending on timing).

4.       Read a PSA at the start of the game, thanking the crew for working the contest.

5.       Student escorts of the crew onto the field/court/pitch.

6.       “Thank you” cards, signed by the team and coaching staff.

7.       Special appreciation signage in the officials’ locker room.

8.       Recorded “thank you” messages from student-athletes and coaches to officials, posted on social media.

Also, click the link below to submit photos or flyers showing your support of our officials.

Spring Sports Officials’ Appreciation Week

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