Procedures to postpone contest

Procedures you need to take in the event COVID-19 or weather delays, postpones, or cancels your Varsity
Football games.

Games that are postponed to another day AFTER 4:00 pm on Fridays: First, ask all officials if they can work the rescheduled date. 

If they all can work, you need to email Jill at to notify her of the date and time change so she can make those changes in Arbiter on Monday when she returns to the office. 

If one or more cannot work, you need to call Jill (803) 798-0120 or your district director for football with the following information: 

A) Names and position of officials who can or cannot work 

B) Rescheduled Date 

C) Rescheduled Time 

A reminder that when choosing a date/time to resume play, keep in mind that if we do not know what you need in terms of officials, you may not have all the officials that you need when you resume play. 

Games that are postponed or changed to another day during SCHSL office hours

First, ask all the officials if they can work the rescheduled date.

If they all can work, you need to email Jan at or call the office at 803-798-0120 to notify her of the date and time change so she can make those changes in Arbiter. 

If they all cannot work, you need to notify Jan of who cannot work so we can get you a replacement if any are available. 

Games that are Cancelled due to COVID-19: 

First, the home school needs to make Jan aware that the game will not be played. 

IF a new game (opponent and/or location) will be created due to a cancellation, please make Jan aware as soon as possible so she can put the game in Arbiter and work on getting officials. 

Games are being booked as far as two weeks out with officials. When a game site or opponent is changed, this impacts officials and assignments. The sooner we know, the fewer changes we must make to assignments before publishing. 

If weather causes the game to be delayed on the same day here are a few reminders

The School Administration oversees making any decisions on the weather until the officials come out on the field to meet with the coaches. 

Once the Officials come out to meet with the coaches, they assume the responsibility of making any weather-related calls. Any changes to your Sub Varsity football or any Volleyball match, you will need to notify your district directors to make those changes.

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