2022 Cross Country Championship Details Updated

2022 Cross Country State Championships

Thursday, Nov. 10 ScheduleSaturday, Nov. 12 Schedule
The state Cross Country finals scheduled for Thursday, November 10th, will proceed with the following adjusted race schedule:
Time                      Classification
9:00 am                AAAAA Girls
9:30 am                AAAAA Boys
10:00 am             AA Girls
10:10 am             Class AAAAA Awards Ceremony
10:30 am             AA Boys
11:00 am             A Girls
11:15 am             Class AA Award Ceremony
11:30 am             A Boys
12:00 pm             Class A Award Ceremony 

*Note: In an effort to avoid possible inclement weather, classifications award ceremonies will be conducted while other classifications are competing. 
The state Cross Country finals scheduled for Friday, November 11th, are postponed and will move to Saturday, November 12th.

The venue and times will remain the same as originally scheduled. 

9:00 am AAA Girls 16 teams
9:30 am AAA Boys 16 teams
10:00 am AAA Awards
11:00 am AAAA Girls 16 teams
11:30 am AAAA Boys 16 teams
12:00 pm AAAA Awards

The State High School Cross Country Meets will be held at The Clemson Sandhills Research and Education Center (900 Clemson Road), on Thursday and Saturday November 10 and 12, 2022.

Coaches and Athletes Sandhills is still close to the general public. Teams can walk or jog the course Wednesday or Thursday afternoon from 4:00 pm until 5:30 pm the day before your championship.  We have been given special permission for the state meet with specific guidelines to follow.  The Clemson Sandhills Research and Educational Center as well as the South Carolina High School League ask that you stay out of restricted areas (signs are in place) We are guests here and do not want to overstep our welcome! 

Each runner in all the meets must wear an assigned number and chip.  Coaches should pick up the numbers and chips for his or her team upon arrival.  If any runner qualifies as an individual and must withdraw, he/she may not be replaced.  Any necessary substitutions must be made upon arrival.  ONE FOR ONE SWAPS (Qualified Teams only, not individuals) will be allowed AT LEAST 30 MINUTES prior to your scheduled race.  You will use your team roster in your packet and cross out the name and grade of the person and write in the new runners’ name and grade. It must be legible for any swap to occur.  You will give your swap to the person working the packet pickup.  DO NOT TALK TO THE TIMERS.

Reminder:  Coaches should remember that all governing rules apply when it comes to uniforms and conduct.  Violation of the rules will result in disqualification.  Please review Rule 8, Section 6 & 7 of the NFHS Track & Field and Cross-Country Rule Book.  Same rules for Track & Field concerning uniforms apply to Cross Country.


The course will be closed to all contestants 15 minutes prior to the start of the girls’ races in each classification on the day of the event.  Teams should be at the starting line 10 minutes before the race.

All spectators, coaches, and contestants are to remain in the spectators’ area during the running of the events.  Any coach in an Off-Limit area, can cause your athletes to be DQ’d. 

    a. Starting line when it is announced for coaches to clear, 5 min prior to start (unless you are working)

    b. Inside the finish ropes no coaches at any time (unless you are working)

    c. Inside the ropes at the top of the hill (unless you are working)

We will have USATF officials (6) on the course monitoring each race.  These are meet officials and have full authority.


Place all trash in the receptacles before leaving the area.

NOTE:  Please tell your runners that official High School League State Championship shirts will be available for purchase

Awards:  There will be an awards presentation for the first three finishers in each meet and to members of the state champion and runner-up teams (medals will be presented to the head coach).  The League will present trophies for the State Champion and the State Runner-up in each class (given to the head coach). 


Please be sure you are following the uniform policy for State.

Teams will be checked in 10 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled race. Races will not be held up to allow teams to get within compliance. Teams have been pulled from the line after not being able to get within compliance. Please do not put your team in this situation. THIS IS THE COACHES RESPONSIBILITY.

South Carolina follows NFHS rules when dealing with uniforms.  Same rules for Track & Field concerning uniforms apply to Cross Country.  Rule 8 Section 6 (Cross Country) and Rule 4 Section 3 (Track and Field).   READ AND BE IN COMPLIANCE

1. Nike PRO shorts (with wording on waistband) ARE allowed. This is a legal uniform.

2. Shorts CAN NOT be rolled.

3. Undergarments (worn under uniform) do not have to match as long as they are above the knee.

4. Headbands must be soft elastic single color and 1 logo is allowed. Teams do not have to match. Hats are not allowed unless the weather permits and the SCHSL will make that decision.

5. Jewelry is allowed.

6. Sunglasses are not allowed unless the coach has a doctor’s letter for that athlete.

7. Leg Compression/socks have no rules if below the knee

8. Arm compression must be single solid color with one logo only

9. Manufacture logos cannot be bigger than 2.25 x 2.25 inches.

10. Meet management has the right to allow gloves/hats the morning of the race based on the weather. (SCHSL)

Note: We are monitoring the weather and tropical storm Nicole, however rain does NOT stop a championship.


Please read all instructions on:

In an effort to insure an efficient, effective, and accommodating event, all in attendance are asked to adhere to the following guidelines.

Coaches’ athletes are not allowed in restricted areas (Research fields, office areas, and vehicle shop areas. (ALL RESTRICTED AREAS HAVE SIGNS)

  • Team walk/jog through of the course is Wednesday and Thursday 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm.
  • There shall be no alteration of the grounds without prior consent.
  • Visitors shall respect and neither harm, destroy nor alter any natural resources or improvements on this property.
  • Nothing shall be removed from the grounds of this facility, including, but not limited to landscape materials, plants, fruit, insects, equipment, and picnic tables.
  • Portable toilets will be provided for the event for participants, coaches, and spectators.
  • All schools will need to remove their property from the facility at the conclusion of the State Meet.
  • Vehicles may be parked only in designated areas.  Vehicles left overnight without permission or in unauthorized areas may be towed without notice.
  • According to state policy, no alcohol is permitted on the grounds of this facility.
  • The Clemson Sandhills Research & Education Center is not responsible for damage to, or loss of any items left on the facility grounds.  Property is placed on the grounds at the guest’s own risk.
  • When your team or school is done, please leave the facility using the Two Notch Road exit.
  • Please discuss any additional special requests and services in advance with the League office.

Congratulations for a great season thus far, and Good Luck in the State Finals.

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